States urged to clarify trading rules for QE2 holiday

To mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the Federal Government has declared a one-off public holiday on September 22.

However, states and territories have yet to clarify retail trading conditions for the day.

Australian Retailers Association CEO Paul Zahra said retailers will “abide respectfully” by the government’s decision and act accordingly.

“Many in our community, including retailers and their staff, will want to honour and mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Nevertheless, this event will create some complications for businesses with store closures and staff scheduling challenges, with many rosters set up weeks in advance.”

He advised that there will also be a small but “unexpected loss of trade” and additional staffing costs, which might impact cashflows for small businesses.

“Store opening and closing directions are typically established by the states and territories, and we look
forward to their direction today so retailers can plan accordingly.”

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