Supernatural: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up John Winchester As A Character


The beloved CW collection, Supernatural, got here to finish in 2020, and after years of failed spin-offs that by no means made it to air, one has lastly executed it. The Winchesters serves as a prequel to Supernatural, and has obtained blended critiques. Ultimately, it is arduous to get into when followers already know who John and Mary Winchester turn into. John, specifically, is commonly the brunt of criticism from outspoken members of the Supernatural Family.

There’s a Supernatural meme for each event. It’s a staple of the fandom. These memes can be utilized to summarize parts of the present. Given the fan reception of John Winchester, it is no shock there are a lot of memes about him on-line.


10/10 He’s Not A Great Dad

This meme has been widespread for the previous few years, boosting on particular days like Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day. People on-line take a well known slice of popular culture and make a joke about it that both compliments or insults the recipient.

In this case, the meme creator may very well be attempting to insult and reward his father on the identical time. John Winchester isn’t an incredible dad, so it isn’t a excessive bar to compete with. John did not simply elevate his sons in a horrible world of searching. There can be proof of anger points, abuse, and failure to offer Sam and Dean a secure and secure childhood. The meme jokes about his flaws, however in all seriousness, he would not be the primary selection for a father determine.

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9/10 He’s Secretive And He Treats Each Of His Kids Differently

John is named Sam and Dean Winchester’s dad, however he additionally fathers Adam Milligan, the boy who finally turns into Michael’s vessel in season 5 of the present. How Adam’s character is handled and the plot holes that open up due to it, nonetheless trouble Supernatural followers.

It seems that John sees Adam as a contemporary begin and an opportunity to simply be a dad. This would have been commendable if he hadn’t then aimed all his rage at his two older youngsters and stored their half-brother a secret. When the reality lastly comes out, Dean is understandably infuriated. To him, Adam is simply one other considered one of John’s lies and proof that he might’ve been a superb father. He simply wasn’t a superb father to him and Sam.

8/10 His Parenting Methods Are Debatable

There are so many memes on the web about how horrible of a father John Winchester is, however this one takes it to a complete different degree, with viewers preferring to have a sandwich as a dad than John. It’s not a whole blowout, but it surely’s sufficient of a result in flip heads.

Strangers to Supernatural might not perceive the conviction towards Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, however there is a cause followers are so captivated with their dislike for John. A sandwich is not capable of converse or do something, and the creator of the meme appears to consider that is a step up. At least the sandwich is not telling Sam to by no means come again if he walks out that door, and a minimum of the sandwich cannot stand up and go away his sons at a grimy motel with out telling them the place he is going.

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7/10 He Dies And Isn’t Resurrected

John Winchester is among the few characters in Supernatural who dies completely. Everyone else has both been resurrected or introduced again by means of technique of magic or multiverse journey.

This meme blends a quote about mortality, Dean trying confused, and the “Math Lady” meme to make its level. While John reappears in Supernatural season 13 within the present’s three hundredth episode, John isn’t formally introduced again to life. This meme might not be particularly focusing on John, but it surely definitely sums up the finality of his dying.

6/10 He’s Unlikable

This Friends meme format has taken the web by storm previously few years. It sees Phoebe attempting to get some extent throughout to Joey, however the cleaning soap opera actor simply is not getting it. This explicit meme serves as a letter to the CW and those that helped deliver The Winchesters to the air.

It goes with out reiteration that John Winchester isn’t probably the most likable TV dad to exist. When The Winchesters was introduced, passionate followers who consider John would not deserve any extra mild of day took to the Internet to make their voices heard. It’s particularly troublesome for followers to get on board when Wayward Sisters, a highly-anticipated sequel collection specializing in Jody Mills and the women she has taken in was denied by the community.

5/10 He’s Determined To Avenge His Wife’s Death

Though this meme is describing Dean, it may also be used to explain John. Azazel made a mistake by not killing John Winchester sooner. Sparing him solely assured that Azazel would all the time be focused by the Winchester father.

John devoted the higher half of his grownup life looking for and kill Yellow Eyes. His character is relentless and decided. While this may be thought of a power, it was additionally John’s deadly flaw. It was his life’s mission to destroy Azazel, however as an alternative, he destroyed his relationships with Sam and Dean attempting to avenge their mom.

4/10 Mary’s Death Made Him A Hypocrite

In a Supernatural season 1 time journey episode, Sam and Dean meet their mother and father as younger lovers. This meme consists of each John’s and Mary’s responses to studying concerning the life Sam and Dean have lived.

John criticized everybody who raises their youngsters as hunters, but he does precisely that with Sam and Dean. This reveals how a lot John has modified all through the years, and the way a lot trauma he confronted that he would make such rash selections that may have an effect on his and his youngsters’s whole lives. The meme is appropriate. Young John would despise what he turns into.

3/10 He’s Disconnected From His Sons

In some ways, John is a horrible father. This meme makes enjoyable of this truth by taking stills from the present and making use of faux dialogue to them.

This meme solutions John’s query with out answering the query as a result of he ought to know his personal kid’s identify. While it is a joke, it signifies one thing deeper. John would not appear to care about something besides searching. He could not even settle for that Sam bought a full experience to Stanford. When they had been exploring something outdoors the ‘household enterprise,’ he both angrily opposed it or was fully detached to it.

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2/10 He’s Misunderstood

As a lot as followers take pleasure in hating on the character, John Winchester might not deserve as a lot warmth as he will get. Every Supernatural fan finds themselves arguing about whether or not John is an efficient man at coronary heart. When digging deep into his previous and trauma, it isn’t so unbelievable that he would prove the best way he did.

He had a crummy childhood and an absent father. He discovered a cause to reside in his love for Mary, and when that was taken away from him, he could not get previous it. He loves his boys, however his life is centered round Mary, so he selected to avenge her over being there for his youngsters. This isn’t any excuse for his habits, but it surely’s one thing that needs to be stored in thoughts.

1/10 He Apologizes Too Late

While Dean’s the one within the meme, it may also be used to explain John and the reception of his character by followers.

In the few events John expresses regret or remorse, it comes off as determined or missing in authenticity. His apologies do not make up for the abuse. In Supernatural‘s three hundredth episode, the Winchester household is reunited, and he genuinely apologizes to his spouse and children. They forgive him, but it surely’s a bit of late to make every part alright. For many followers, there’s nothing John might say or do that may change their minds about him.

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