Taliban split on restoring women’s rights: UN


united nations. A delegation led by UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammad urged the Taliban to restore the rights of women and girls during a four-day visit to Afghanistan. While in favor of restoring women’s rights, other officials said they were adamantly opposed.A UN team met with the Taliban in the capital Kabul and the southern city of Kandahar.

But he did not name the Taliban officials involved in the talks. The meeting focused on the restrictions imposed on women and girls after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August 2021. UN Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq said a team led by UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammad found some Taliban officials cooperative and showing signs of progress. “The important thing is to make peace with[Taliban]officials who were positive about their approach,” he said.

Haq said there are “many different powers” among the Taliban and the UN team hopes to work together towards our goals, the most important of which is to restore the rights of women and girls. Muhammad is a former minister of Nigeria and a Muslim. The visit, led by her, also included UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous. UN Women works for gender equality and women’s rights.

Assistant Parliamentary Secretary Khalid Khali was also involved in the visit. Similar to when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan from his 1996 to 2001 he has gradually reapplied Islamic law, a stricter interpretation of Shariah. Girls are forbidden from going to school after her sixth grade, and women are forbidden from going to most jobs, public places and gyms. In late December, the Taliban banned aid groups from hiring women. This has taken away the livelihoods of thousands of women working in aid organizations in war-torn countries. Women are allowed limited jobs in some sectors, including the health sector.

“What we’ve seen with women and girls is a step backwards,” Hake said. We are trying to do more and will continue to work on that front. In a statement, Mohammad said his message to the Taliban was very clear.These sanctions keep Afghan women and girls at home, violate their rights and cost lives to their communities. Forces you to refuse service.

Our collective ambition is for Afghanistan to prosper, live in peace with its own country, live in peace with its neighbors, and follow the path of sustainable development, he said. Afghanistan is now facing a devastating humanitarian crisis. This visit also included a visit to Western Herat. During this time, Mohammed’s team also met with humanitarian workers, civil society representatives and women from three cities.

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