Thakur was written instead of the registration number in the Fortuner, after which the police impounded the car and issued a challan of Rs 28,500.


DNA Hindi: In Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi, the Fortuner car owner’s ostentatiousness has become expensive. The police not only impounded the Fortuner but also issued a challan of Rs 28,500. This case pertains to the Ardali Bazar police post in Varanasi, where the police impounded a black Fortuner car because it had ‘Thakur’ written instead of the number plate. In fact, the car owner had written ‘Thakur’ on the number plate instead of the vehicle number and along with this black film was also stuck on the rear window of the Fortuner.

According to a report by One India, on Tuesday evening, seeing ‘Thakur’ written instead of Fortuner’s registration number parked in front of Ardali Bazar police station under Cantt police station in Varanasi district, a person clicked his video and photo and made it viral on social media . Taking note of this, along with seizing the Fortuner, the police also cut off his chal.

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the car had a police monogram on it

In the video shared by the Varanasi traffic police, the police monogram is also seen affixed on the Fortuner. The police arrived at the scene and waited for the owner of the car for a long time. But after the owner did not turn up, an amount of 28,500 was deducted based on the Fortuner’s chassis number and the vehicle was also impounded.

KAT brags on Twitter

In relation to this matter, a post by Additional DCP Traffic, Varanasi has been posted on Twitter saying that “The answer of Rangbaji ka Jawab Kanoon Se Kashi Badlega Bas Saath Aap Sab Ka Chahiye”. After the police took action in this matter, people on Twitter appreciate it a lot.

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