The 10 Best Harley Quinn Comic Book Storylines

The HBOMax Harley Quinn collection blends many various storylines from the titular character’s comedian guide and animated historical past into a brand new complete. The collection offers new followers a possibility to discover her greatest comedian guide storylines for the primary time, and uncover how Harley uniquely evolves as a personality via each mediums nearly concurrently.

Harley Quinn launched from her first look within the legendary Batman: The Animated Series straight into the comics and her greatest storylines construct off the inspiration Bruce Timm and Paul Dini constructed. They additionally take her to new locations followers might by no means have anticipated, although her one fixed via all her tales again to the start stays Poison Ivy.


No Man’s Land

Harley Quinn enters comedian guide historical past with The Batman Adventures #12 in 1993, however she does not formally be part of the DC Comics continuity till No Man’s Land. Among one of the best Batman comedian guide story arcs ever, No Man’s Land drops Harley into an earthquake-ravaged Gotham and reveals how powerful she is within the comics.

Harley Quinn positive factors bodily energy and ability past that within the cartoon and he or she wants it, because the Joker tries to kill her. This comedian establishes a poisonous animosity between them far past the cartoon and that finally drives Harley into turning into her personal individual.

Mightier Than The Sword

Harley Quinn joins mainstream DC continuity within the Nineties however continues to characteristic in animated tie-ins proper as much as the current day. “Mightier Than The Sword” from Batman: Gotham Adventures counts among the many greatest. This storyline explores Harley’s fragile psyche as she tries to place her life again collectively by writing a memoir concerning the Joker.

This goes to items in a rush, however the storyline offers an early instance of Harley struggling to get her arms round her personal life and acquire independence from the Joker as soon as and for all.

Song Of The Sirens

“Song of the Sirens,” the second storyline from Gotham City Sirens, marks a key evolution for Harley within the comics. Harley possesses a imply streak within the unique animated collection, however she turns into a lot darker in translation. She participates within the homicide of a legal on this story in addition to its coverup after he seems to kill Poison Ivy.

The storyline additionally hints at Harley’s burgeoning affection for Ivy. Her worry for Ivy’s security distracts her and drives Catwoman up a wall, however in the end results in Ivy’s rescue and resurrection ultimately.

Harley Goes To Hell

Harley Quinn proves she will go wherever or do something within the HBOMax collection and within the early 2000s, she goes to Hell. Harley winds up within the firey dimension in Harley Quinn #22 from 2001 and the story takes a startling flip. She dies and goes to Hell, however as soon as she’s there, Etrigan The Demon destroys her soul and seemingly ends her ceaselessly.

Etrigan, among the many strongest magical beings in DC Comics, destroys Harley primarily for being a loving individual, a eager perception into a personality nonetheless largely seen as a goofy and menacing sidekick on the time.


The DC Comics Black Label mini-series Batman: Damned tells a darkish and despairing story during which Harley turns into the Joker. She believes Batman killed him and plots revenge whereas altering her look to resemble her lifeless lover. This storyline takes to new heights her twisted devotion to the Joker, Batman’s best villain within the comics and elsewhere.

The story takes a darkish flip in its closing act when The Enchantress possesses Batman after which makes use of him to kill Harley, ending maybe the darkest iteration of her story within the comics.

Hot In The City

Hot In The City kicks off the 2014 solo collection that includes Harley, by author Amanda Conner and artist Jimmy Palmiotti. This storyline radically reinvents her look in addition to adjustments up her establishment, transferring her from Gotham to Brooklyn. The zanier model to the storytelling undoubtedly feels acquainted for followers of the HBOMax collection coming to the guide for the primary time.

This storyline additionally emphasizes in a giant approach Harley’s have to sever her poisonous ties with the Joker, one thing later comics, films, and animated reveals have taken and run with.

Harley And Ivy

Harley And Ivy from 2004 takes place within the unique animated collection continuity however goes past what the present might painting by way of the connection between the 2 girls. Though Batman: The Animated Series’ greatest episodes hinted at one thing deeper with Harley and Iy early on, this mini-series takes issues additional.

Though the comedian storyline possible feels slight on reflection with little past suggestive moments, it stays a key waypoint within the journey for each characters to their current establishment.

Harley Quinn

1997’s Harley Quinn one-shot formally introduces her to DC Comics continuity. Written by her unique co-creator Paul Dini and drawn by Yvel Guichet, this storyline adapts her origin for the comics. The comedian stays vital because it reveals what makes her so dynamic. Though DC canon adjustments steadily and this origin is outdated, Harley transcends continuity.

Her fluid transition between mediums sustains a flexibility few comedian guide characters have. Most characters in fashionable fiction, significantly comics and their diversifications, stay static to retain audiences. Harley exists as a change agent, adapting via each medium and shift in canon with trademark aplomb.

Mad Love

Harley Quinn serves as her origin in DC continuity – for a time not less than – however Mad Love offers her origin within the animated collection. In many respects, it provides the inspiration for each Harley Quinn story that follows. This iconic storyline from Dini and Timm reveals how Dr. Harleen Quinzel fell in love together with her personal affected person and misplaced her approach.

The story additionally reveals Harley struggling to search out company and self-worth, one thing that Poison Ivy proves instrumental in as Harley evolves in later comedian books, reveals, and flicks.

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series – The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

Harley’s journey towards company arguably culminates in her new HBOMax collection, although its comedian guide spinoff reveals there’s loads of room to develop. Harley Quinn: The Animated Series – The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour picks up precisely the place season two left off and explores Harley and Ivy lastly capable of notice their love for one another.

This mini-series options monumental development for each characters and is proof their exceptional journey within the final thirty years from supervillain cohorts to anti-heroine lovers is much from over.

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