The financial aspect of a truck driver’s salary in the USA


Since 2019, working as a truck driver has been considered the most sought-after profession in the United States. Anyone who has all the necessary documents can start making money by transporting goods. Road freight transport plays an important role in the formation of the US economy because most goods are transported by ground freight. According to statistics, almost five million people officially work in the field of freight transportation, and about 20% of them are women.

In the United States, almost 450,000 companies are engaged in long- and short-distance freight transportation. Most of them, namely, 75%, are small companies that own 4-8 trucks. Annually, this type of business brings in more than 260 billion dollars in profit. Therefore, the prospect of being a long-distance driver in the USA attracts many people from all over the world.

There are certain criteria for truck drivers in the US. Regardless of the driver’s license class, the physical training of all truck drivers must be up to par. The driver`s work is difficult. Your body is subjected to a heavy load every day, which not everyone can cope with. According to American law, people are allowed to drive a truck from the age of 18. However, most logistics companies hire truck drivers who are at least 25 years old.

Salary of truck drivers

Many different factors affect the salary level of a trucker, one of which is the size of the company. The fact is that small logistics companies that own several cars will pay an order of magnitude less than larger corporations.

The official salary of truckers working for American companies ranges from $40,000 to $110,000 per year. Moreover, the employee receives a reward not for the time he/she spends behind the wheel but for the distance traveled, that is, for miles. For example, at Microsoft or IKEA, a driver can count on a salary of 2-3 dollars per mile. Of course, rookies won’t be paid that much. Hence, their average salary is 50 cents per mile. If you have your own truck, the salary will be much higher. It can reach more than 5 dollars.

Compliance with local traffic rules is an important component of successful earnings because if you violate them often, the company can fire you. If there is an accident on the road, the culprit of which is the driver of a truck, he/she will be dismissed from the post of a truck driver. Additionally, such a driver will be ordered to pay a fine for the damaged cargo that he/she was transporting.

Depending on the load on the autobahn, the driver’s daily salary may vary. It also depends on the state on whose roads the trucker is forced to drive. For example, the average daily wage in Nevada or Nebraska is $340. In California, it is over $250. This is provided that the driver has been on the road for all permitted 11 hours a day.


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