The first wife never gave Donald Trump a penny.


Washington. Former President Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, who died last July 2022, left about Rs 277 million (US$34 million) behind. He left most of his estate to his three children, his daughter Ivanka Trump and his sons Eric Trump and Donald Jr. Trump. However, Ivana cut off her ex-husband Donald Trump from her estate and never gave him a penny.

According to the famous American magazine Forbes, the biggest beneficiary of his will, aside from the Trump family children, is Dorothy Curry, the nanny who has worked for the Trump family for decades. Forbes reported that Ivana Trump gave Nanny an apartment in Florida. It is estimated to be worth over US$1 million.

Ivana, who died last year at the age of 73, wrote about Nanny Curry in her 2017 book Raising Trump, saying she began her journey with the Trump family as a nanny. At the time, “her eyes were sparkling but she was nervous.”Curry reportedly taught the Trump kids her prayers in her English, which Ivana didn’t know.

“I can’t say that religion plays a big role in my life anymore, but I’m happy that my children are growing up and talking to God.” According to Forbes, Naini later became Ivana’s assistant, I have been close to my family for many years.

In his mother’s book, Eric Trump viewed Callie as a “second mother” and fondly recalled his time spent with her in Ireland. I’m here. He has raised me since I was a child and we are incredibly close. i love him so much He is a big and very important member of our family. Tell me Ivana was Donald Trump’s wife from 1977 until she was 1992.


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