‘The Last Airbender’ followers mobilize 13 years late to blast James Cameron for hijacking the ‘Avatar’ identify


We had been all pondering it again in 2009 when the world was ready for James Cameron’s $237 million sci-fi epic Avatar to hit theaters, and it appears like we’re all pondering it once more now that sequel The Way of Water is because of resolve the destiny of the franchise’s future later this month. We have already got a beloved franchise referred to as Avatar, besides this one is likely one of the most acclaimed animated reveals ever, M. Night Shyamalan’s contributions however.

Indeed, once we first caught wind of Cameron’s Avatar, quite a lot of folks scratched their heads questioning why this beautiful-looking film had the identical identify as Avatar: The Last Airbender, and one Giancarlo Volpe, who directed 19 episodes of the Nickelodeon basic, has sparked the dialog again up.

Volpe cheekily revealed in a tweet that Cameron truly snagged the Avatar identify first, and would go on to create a complete bunch of promoting issues for everybody concerned.

Some responders identified the irony of The Last Airbender arguably making extra of an influence than Avatar, which rapidly spiraled right into a back-and-forth between the Airbender followers and the Cameron trustworthy.

One Cameron jab even received a reply from Volpe himself, who appeared intent on diffusing the battle he offered the tinder for within the first place.

But when you get Twitter occurring one thing, solely the all-powerful nature of time can have any likelihood of ending it.

Unlikely animated rivals apart, we’ll simply should see what the long run holds for the Avatar franchise, with The Way of Water bearing all of the accountability because it prepares for the field workplace combat of its life, and with a funds reported to be as excessive as $400 million for manufacturing alone, we definitely want it the perfect of luck.

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