The (possible) surprises of this NFL season

The NFL is about to begin, and the teams are veiling their weapons and making signings to reinforce their lines. Players are preparing exhaustively to arrive at the best level necessary to justify the millions of dollars they are paid.

The strong teams are fighting to maintain their hegemony and compete for the Super Bowl, and the weaker teams are looking to continue improving and perhaps surprise and silence many voices. Several teams have surprised in free agency and are already considered as possible shocks.

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These are some of the teams that could be the revelation of the NFL next season

Las Vegas Raiders.

The Vegas team finished second in their division with a winning record, they were already a surprise last season, and within the team, they plan to do it again. In free agency, they acquired great players to surround Derek Carr with great talent.

Keelan Cole and Jordan Veasy are great acquisitions that put them as a great candidate to win their division. They offer the QB and coach options and a lot of dynamism in the offense.

They also brought in Davante Adams, who did outstanding with the Packers. He had one of his best seasons with 123 receptions and, 1553 yards in the regular season. The idea of the Raiders is to keep improving and, why not, to think about a hypothetical American championship game.

The surprising thing is that many specialists do not give much for them and even put them to finish last. In Las Vegas, this situation has echoed, and they want to silence the critics. Will they succeed?


New Orleans Saints

The Saints are looking to rely on their quarterback, Jameis Winston. He didn’t have a bad last season, where he showed flashes of his talent. He is not among the best in the league, but surely with a good team around him, he can surprise the league.

They acquired Dai’Jean Dixon in the draft and there is a lot of hope in him. In fact, the team is very young, and the idea is to improve little by little if they can improve their record from last year and try to get into the postseason after failing to do so in 2021.

The organization wants to take the team one step at a time, so the pressure is not so much, which frees them up, and they will most likely surprise. Young and hungry, perfect formula.


Miami Dolphins

The Florida team made one of the best purchases of the year. They added Tyreek Hill, and their offense automatically became one of the best in the NFL. It opened up a world of possibilities for Tua Tagovailoa, who did well last year and with someone like Hill, he will develop a lot.

They haven’t qualified for the playoffs since 2016 and with the team, they are putting together it doesn’t look complicated that they could be a wild card. In 2021, they had a winning record, but it was not enough to qualify.

They had a spectacular streak where they had 7 consecutive winning games. This makes us think that with the addition of Hill, they can aspire to much more. Specialists put them as a probable surprise and to finish second in the AFC East. Let’s see if they live up to expectations.


Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are a mystery. They finished last season with a losing record but showed a lot of ability and potential. Kevin O’Connell comes to Minnesota in his first venture as head coach and there are high hopes for him.

His quarterback is one of the best in the league. Kirk Cousins arrives more mature and with more knowledge of his team. The relationship with the coach will be essential to achieve the goals set for this season, and that is to finish with a winning record.

The team’s volatility makes them a mystery. They can string together 13 consecutive wins, or they lose 9 games again and be out of the postseason. That’s their seal. 

The rookie coach’s main job is to get the team in order and prevent them from those lurches that led them to not being able to win 3 in a row in the entire 2021 season.

There are more teams that can be a revelation. The Colts can and want to return to being the dominant team in the AFC. Dallas wants to win the division again and has reminded us of the Cowboys of the 90s, but they want one more Super Bowl championship that has eluded them so much.

San Francisco will fight to get back to the big game, and for that, they must surprise. The NFL offers us many teams hungry to win, this is the perfect recipe for a spectacular season. Which will be the revelation team of the year?


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