The Prince That Was Promised & How It Fits Aegon’s Dream Explained Fully

WARNING! This article comprises SPOILERS for House of the Dragon season 1, episode 4!House of the Dragon episode 4 dives deeper into the connection between Aegon’s dream and the Prince That Was Promised prophecy from Game of Thrones. HBO’s House of the Dragon is leaning much more into the importance of prophecy, goals, and magic, which turned comparatively minimized all through Game of Thrones. As House of the Dragon’s Targaryens are revealed to be motivated by fulfilling Aegon’s prophecy, the significance of Melisandre’s objective find the Prince That Was Promised is given a brand new layer.


In House of the Dragon’s premiere, King Viserys revealed to his daughter and new inheritor, Rhaenyra Targaryen, the key of Aegon the Conqueror’s prophetic dream, which he known as the Song of Ice and Fire. The dream said {that a} Targaryen would wish to sit down on the Iron Throne and unite the realm so as to save the dwelling from the chilly and the darkish, with the burden of this information being handed onto every Targaryen king (or queen) and their inheritor. Considering Game of Thrones ended with Targaryen descendants Jon Snow and Daenerys changing into King within the North and Queen of Westeros earlier than uniting the dwelling to defeat the White Walkers, House of the Dragon’s prophecy certainly got here true a number of centuries later.

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As Viserys realizes that Rhaenyra’s intercourse scandal with Daemon places her notion as inheritor in jeopardy, he reveals extra to her concerning the significance of Aegon’s prophecy. The King pulls out the Valyrian metal dagger from Game of Thrones, which is inscribed with Aegon’s dream in High Valyrian. The blade reads, “From my blood come the prince that was promised, and his will be the song of ice and fire.” The former a part of the phrase now connects to the seemingly forgotten imaginative and prescient in Game of Thrones, which was the Prince That Was Promised prophecy preached by Melisandre and the followers of the Lord of Light.

The Prince That Was Promised Prophecy Explained

The Prince That Was Promised prophecy was launched by Melisandre, a.ok.a. the Red Woman, in Game of Thrones season 2. The prophesied Prince is the savior for these following the Lord of Light, who could be born of salt and smoke, pull the sword Lightbringer from the flames, and use it to deliver an finish to the darkness. At first, Melisandre believes this determine to be Stannis Baratheon, however as soon as he dies, he involves imagine it’s the resurrected Jon Snow. However, after being exiled from the North and studying of Daenerys and her dragons, the Red Woman goes to Dragonstone to inform Daenerys that she is the Princess Who Was Promised, because the High Valyrian phrase used for “prince” is definitely gender-neutral. Melisandre provides that Jon Snow performs an vital function within the prophecy as effectively, suggesting the Red Woman got here to understand that the prophecy was not completely referring to at least one individual. This is one other level that clearly aligns with House of the Dragon’s newly revealed prophecy.

Is Aegon’s Dream The Exact Same As The Prince That Was Promised?

Aegon’s dream now consists of “the prince that was promised” being the Targaryen with the “song of ice and fire” that unites the realm towards the chilly and darkish. With these phrases from two completely different sources yielding the identical consequence of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen defeating the White Walkers, it appears the Aegon’s Song of Ice and Fire dream and R’hllor’s Prince That Was Promised prophecy are one and the identical. However, the 2 prophecies deviate barely, because the Prince That Was Promised prophecy is predicated on Azor Ahai and his connection to Lightbringer and the Lord of Light. Game of Thrones’ prophecy additionally doesn’t embrace any point out of the Prince needing to be a Targaryen who sits on the Iron Throne, so it seems that whereas they’re at coronary heart the identical imaginative and prescient, the varied sources have some important data that others don’t.

While the followers of the Lord of Light believed the Prince That Was Promised was “born amidst salt and smoke” and would wield Lightbringer, Aegon’s dream doesn’t appear to incorporate these factors. However, these particulars do assist the concept the Prince is a Targaryen and, extra particularly, the concept two Targaryens can have a job in fulfilling the prophecy. Jon is extra related to the Lightbringer facet, whereas Daenerys was born amidst salt and smoke. Since each prophecies originate within the language of High Valyrian, it’s probably that Aegon’s dream is an extension of the Prince That Was Promised imaginative and prescient, giving additional readability that it’s the Targaryens who will fulfill the long-held prediction.

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How Does Azor Ahai Fit With Aegon’s Dream & The Prince That Was Promised

While the determine isn’t named in Game of Thrones’ sequence, Azor Ahai is commonly related to the Prince That Was Promised prophecy within the books. Melisandre makes use of the 2 names interchangeably, as he was a legendary determine for the followers of R’hllor who wielded the flaming sword Lightbringer and was mentioned to be the one who introduced an finish to the Long Night. The prophecy mentioned that Azor Ahai could be reborn once more right into a champion despatched by the Lord of Light, which might happen after a protracted summer time when a chilly evil descended on humanity. The legend of Azor Ahai is thus one other layer of the Prince That Was Promised prophecy; although not all assist the thought of Azor Ahai per se, his prophesied reincarnation matches into being the one who’s destined to cease the White Walkers.

The legend of Azor Ahai matches effectively with Aegon the Conqueror’s dream and the Prince That Was Promised by way of the weapon that’s used to deliver an finish to the darkness. While Lightbringer was mentioned to be a sword, this a part of the prophecy might have gotten it improper, because the weapon used to kill the Night King was actually a Targaryen dagger. Since House of the Dragon episode 4 reveals that Aegon the Conqueror had the Song of Ice and Fire dream inscribed on their ancestral dagger, he might have believed this blade to be Lightbringer, or at the very least his personal imaginative and prescient’s model of the weapon that can destroy the evil menace. Viserys reveals that pyromancers had used fireplace to put the prophecy on the Valyrian metal dagger, with Viserys and Rhaenyra putting it over flames to learn it.

Why House Of The Dragon Revisits The Prince That Was Promised Prophecy

Revisiting Game of Thrones’ Prince That Was Promised prophecy recontextualized the unique present whereas emphasizing the significance of future on this universe. It provides a extra unified imaginative and prescient and objective to the Game of Thrones sequence, notably in how Targaryens of generations previous had been getting ready for the second that Daenerys and Jon would unite the realm towards the White Walkers, and particularly why it had to be them presiding over the military of the dwelling. Jon Snow was regarded as the Prince That Was Promised on the finish of Game of Thrones, so Aegon’s dream makes it far clearer that this was the case however provides one other layer in that Queen Daenerys Targaryen was additionally an integral a part of the prophecy.

The objective of the Prince That Was Promised, and its connection to the defeat of the White Walkers was usually misplaced all through Game of Thrones, so House of the Dragon reveals that this centuries-old prophecy was far greater than the characters of the unique sequence and makes the ending a becoming end result of the Targaryen dynasty. While the Prince That Was Promised prophecy ended up holding little weight in Game of Thrones’ story, Aegon’s Song of Ice and Fire prophecy means all the things in House of the Dragon.

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Who Was The Prince That Was Promised? What Happened To The Prophecy In GOT?

Aegon’s dream suggests the Prince That Was Promised was each Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Daenerys fulfilled the facet of changing into Queen in Westeros whereas bringing again dragons after practically 150 years, which had been essential to defeating the Night King. Jon Snow was additionally the King within the North who spent his principal storyline in Game of Thrones uniting the realm towards the White Walkers – a combat that Daenerys wouldn’t have eagerly joined had Jon not satisfied her of this menace. The Prince That Was Promised prophecy turned considerably muddled when Arya turned the one to kill the Night King with the dagger fairly than Jon or Daenerys, however there was one interpretation of the prophecy that advised the dragon had “three heads.” This would recommend Jon, Daenerys, and Arya are the three dragons, however Arya isn’t a Targaryen like the opposite two.

Following the defeat of the Night King, Melisandre took off her necklace and died as a centuries-old girl, by no means confirming which character was the Prince That Was Promised in Game of Thrones. The incomplete achievement of the prophecy made it appear that Game of Thrones had forgotten the significance of the Prince That Was Promised throughout the lore, however House of the Dragon’s Song of Ice and Fire dream seemingly confirms which characters finally match the outline. While Game of Thrones’ official web page named Jon the Prince That Was Promised (through Facebook), House of the Dragon provides way more weight to Daenerys sharing the title. Born amidst smoke and salt, utilizing the fiery final dragon Drogon as her weapon, and uniting the realm towards the chilly and darkish, Daenerys Targaryen is simply as a lot a contender as Jon. Game of Thrones might not have given a transparent reply, however House of the Dragon‘s emphasis on Aegon’s dream signifies the thriller will lastly be solved.

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