The Sandman: The 10 Most Likable Characters, Ranked


Content Warning: The following article incorporates spoilers for Netflix’s The Sandman.

The not too long ago launched Netflix adaptation of the enduring comedian e book collection by Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, is an impressively correct depiction of the fan-favorite characters and their storylines. The TV collection brings highly effective beings like Death and Lucifer Morningstar to life, highlighting their personalities within the course of.

The most likable characters within the present to date are pleasant, selfless, courageous, and generally humorous. They often educate Dream essential classes about humanity or change, which is a central theme in each the present and the comics. Based on their actions to date within the TV adaptation, probably the most likable characters handle to go away a constructive and lasting impression on viewers who possible discover themselves rooting for them.


10 Lucifer Morningstar

The Sandman Lucifer

Often thought-about one in every of Gaiman’s finest characters from Sandman, Lucifer is an intimidating however interesting character who has an unforgettable scene with the Lord of Dreams. She seems to be a crafty, highly effective, and harmful being who virtually manages to defeat Dream within the oldest recreation.

Lucifer doesn’t give audiences a lot motive to love her, as she clearly enjoys the potential for trapping the protagonist in Hell for all eternity. What’s extra, the finale reveals that she has a devious plan in movement that would harm Dream, with the present clearly setting her as much as be the subsequent massive antagonist.

9 Lyta Hall

The Sandman Lyta Hall

For probably the most half, Lyta is a useful character who performs a vital function in Rose Walker’s story arc. Her friendship and assist are instrumental in her experiences assembly her nice grandmother and trying to find her brother. However, Lyta’s focus considerably shifts as soon as the partitions between goals and actuality start to crumble.

It’s considerably irritating to observe her significantly ponder residing in a dream together with her deceased husband, even when Rose questions what this may do to her precise life. Granted, it isn’t her fault that she’s thrust into that scenario, but it surely does make her much less likable.

8 Hal Carter

Hal performing on a stage in The Sandman

The sassy Hal is an endearing character who is straight away likable due to the best way he welcomes Rose to her non permanent house. More information about his backstory are revealed whereas he helps Rose put up posters later, with Hal explaining that he as soon as had massive goals of changing into a performer and making it massive on Broadway.

His enjoyable persona and precious assist actually make him compelling, but it surely’s price noting that his function isn’t vital sufficient to make him as memorable as different characters. Fans can solely hope he manages to observe by together with his declaration about promoting the home and going again to doing what he loves most.

7 Dream

Tom Sturridge in The Sandman

Over the course of the primary season, the Lord of Dreams shows his unbelievable powers and the significance of his function within the waking world. His imprisonment in a mortal’s basement impacts his realm and his view of people negatively, although, which makes him jaded and considerably merciless throughout the first few episodes.

It’s annoying to observe him undermine Lucienne and punish Gault, amongst different issues. However, he does slowly change earlier than the season ends, together with his actions with Johanna Constantine’s ex and his last present to Gault being just a few examples that show he generally is a likable protagonist.

6 Hob Gadling

The Sandman Hob Gadling in 1980s

The fateful night time Hob Gadling meets Dream modifications his life perpetually, because the present of immortality (topic to alter each hundred years) permits him to reside a for much longer life than he would have had he not agreed to take part in Morpheus and Death’s experiment.

While there have been moments the place Hob appeared a bit boastful, his constructive traits are what outline him in the long run. He helps Dream understand that he’s greater than an experiment, however slightly a pal. It’s a transferring and demanding lesson for Morpheus, who might have continued to see people as being beneath him had it not been for the likable Hob.

5 Death

The Sandman Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death and Tom Sturridge as Dream walking together

Death is among the strongest members of the Endless who has the daunting job of being there when individuals die. Despite how upsetting that should be (as seen in her response when she has to satisfy a child), she maintains her cheerful perspective and appreciation for all times.

The day Dream spends with Death helps him perceive that the Endless want people as a lot as they want them. Her wit, allure, and constructive outlook make it unattainable to not like Death, which is why it’s disappointing that she solely seems in a single episode. It’s possible that she’s going to grow to be the fan-favorite character after a number of extra seasons that reveal much more causes to fall in love together with her.

4 Matthew

The Sandman netflix image Matthew the Crow and Dream

Wherever Dream goes, his raven follows, or they at the least attempt to. The newest raven, Matthew, has a troublesome time convincing Morpheus to let him accompany the protagonist, who remains to be hurting from the lack of his earlier raven, Jessamy. Thankfully, Matthew’s persistence, persistence, and humor ultimately result in acceptance from the Lord of Dreams.

Matthew’s precious help within the waking world typically comes with humorous jokes and comical situations, particularly when he begins interacting with different characters like Rose. His distinctive voice and impending existential disaster make him unforgettable and all the time likable.

3 Rose Walker

Dream and Rose Walker in a cemetery in The Sandman.

Rose’s story arc in The Sandman is inextricably linked together with her function as a Vortex, which is a damaging pressure that would create or destroy total universes. However, she’s additionally a younger and lonely one that simply needs to seek out her long-lost brother.

She’s feisty, as seen in her dialog with the consultant from the foster company. She additionally handles all of the unusual new experiences with Dream and the Corinthian remarkably properly. Her resolution to make the last word sacrifice in order that her associates and everybody else might reside makes her much more likable than she already was at that time, which is why it’s a superb factor Unity and Lucienne interfered earlier than it was too late.

2 Gilbert (Fiddler’s Green)

The Sandman Gilbert Rose Walker

Those who’ve learn the comics would know from the beginning that the well mannered and charming Gilbert is definitely one of many lacking Archana that Dream is on the lookout for. He’s launched in a constructive mild, with him coming to Rose’s protection after she’s almost attacked in a darkish alley.

It virtually appears as if he might have betrayed Rose when he runs away after realizing what the Cereal Convention actually is, but it surely’s quickly revealed that he made his technique to Dream’s realm to ask for his assist. He stayed honorable and smart till the top, with the epic scene the place he takes up his place once more as Fiddler’s Green cementing him as a compelling and astonishing character.

1 Lucienne

Lucienne in The Sandman.

The dependable, loyal, and witty Lucienne is probably the most likable character from the primary season for a number of causes. She’s there to assist the Lord of Dreams upon his return however can also be agency in reminding him that he must be cautious as a result of issues will not be as they as soon as have been.

Her real concern for him and the best way she endures a lot throughout his absence show how empathetic and powerful she might be. It’s not stunning that characters like Mervyn and Matthew see her as a frontrunner, as she has the qualities that qualify her to be one. Plus, Dream possible would’ve killed Rose had it not been for Lucienne’s fast pondering and response to Unity’s request. Lucienne will in all probability proceed to be an effortlessly likable character in future episodes.

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