The search for a new Prime Minister begins, this name ahead in the race for the successor of Jacinda Ardern


New Zealand: The search for a new Prime Minister begins, this name ahead in the race for the successor of Jacinda Ardern

Jan 20, 2023 at 03:41 pm
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Four names in race to become Prime Minister of New Zealand after Jacinda Ardern

The Labor Party of New Zealand has started the search for a new leader for the post of Prime Minister. Possible candidates include MPs Chris Hipkins, Kiri Allen, Michael Wood and Nanaiya Mahuta at the top.

Earlier on Thursday, Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation from the post of Prime Minister, saying that she would step down by February 7 and would not contest re-election.

Let us know who can become the successor of Jesinda.

The name of 44-year-old Labor MP Chris Hipkins is the frontrunner among the prime ministerial candidates. He is currently holding the responsibility of Minister of Education and Leader of the House of Representatives.

Chris was first elected MP from the party in 2008 and did an excellent job in 2020 during the Corona virus pandemic. His works were appreciated globally.

Due to his efforts, New Zealand had become corona free by the first half of 2021.

Kirrie Allen is currently the law minister in the government. If elected as prime minister, 39-year-old Kiri would be the country’s first Māori-origin and gay prime minister.

Prior to being elected as an MP in 2017, Kiri worked in agri-industry management and has been instrumental in the improved production of fruits such as kiwi.

She has also practiced commercial and public law.

Michael Wood, 42, who became an MP after a landslide victory in a 2016 by-election, is also among the top candidates for the post of prime minister. Michael was appointed Minister for Transport and Workplace Safety in the Jacinda government in 2020.

After this, in the mid-2022 cabinet reshuffle, Michael was made Immigration Minister. According to the portfolio, he is considered a strong claim for the post of Prime Minister.

Nanaiya Mahuta, 52, became the foreign minister for the first time after a historic victory in the 2020 elections and has a long political experience of 26 years.

Nanaiya also played the role of a diplomat for the Pacific countries trapped between the US and China.

She is the daughter of Sir Robert Mahuta, the adopted brother of the late Maori Queen, and has introduced legislation in Parliament to change the water ownership structure.

Voting for Jesinda’s successor will be held on Sunday

On Sunday, members of the Labor Party will vote to choose their leader from among potential candidates. This leader will continue to be the Prime Minister till the general elections to be held in October this year.

If no candidate is successful in getting two-thirds support, other names will be considered.

Jesinda has announced that she will not endorse any candidate, while Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson has said that he will not run for the position.

Jesinda gave her party a historic victory in 2020

In 2017, the Labor Party made Jesinda the Prime Minister for the first time in a coalition government.

After this, in the general elections held in 2020, Jesinda led her party to a historic victory and for the first time in 50 years, the party single-handedly formed the government.

Jesinda had said on her resignation that she did not have enough energy left to continue as Prime Minister.

Opinion polls have shown that his popularity has declined.

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