The Taliban government flogged 9 people publicly more than 35 times on charges of charisma and homosexual relations


Kabul: Ever since the Taliban government came to power in Afghanistan, life has become difficult for the people here. Under Sharia law in the Islamic country, 9 accused of chary and homosexuality were publicly flogged 35 to 39 times at Ahmed Shahi Stadium in Kandahar. Haji Zeid, spokesman for the provincial governor, said the accused were flogged 35 to 39 times, with officials and local residents present, according to the local news agency. On Tuesday, 9 people were sentenced on charges of robbery and homosexuality at Ahmed Shahi Stadium in Kandahar.

Shabnam Nasimi, former policy advisor to the Afghan resettlement minister in the UK, tweeted that the Taliban reportedly publicly beheaded 4 people accused of theft at a football stadium in Kandahar today. People are being beaten, hacked and killed in Afghanistan without fair investigation and due process. This is a violation of human rights. At the same time, UN experts have condemned flogging as punishment and called on the Taliban to immediately end all forms of harsh punishment.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban has banned university education for girls and women. The Taliban’s Ministry of Higher Education ordered an indefinite ban on university education for women in Afghanistan. After this, this order is being condemned internationally.


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