The Vampire Diaries: 7 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Bonnie As A Character

Kat Graham might have disenchanted followers together with her current refusal to return to the character of Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries universe, however the highly effective witch nonetheless stays near followers’ hearts so far. Her character was the spine of the present in addition to the Mystic Falls gang, who would not have survived most of their scrapes with evil if it hadn’t been for Bonnie.

Most followers additionally agree that she by no means bought her due on the present, which included her snatched pleased ending and her use as a plot machine more often than not. Memes on the web handle to sum up her implausible arc on the present, and add a contact of humor to her story.


Bonnie The Powerful

Bonnie modified quite a bit from her first episode on The Vampire Diaries, and magic was the primary trigger. She found the ancestral Bennett magic that she had inherited from Sheila and the ancestors, and one among her well-known powers was the flexibility to alter the climate.

She might whip up violent winds, billowing clouds, lashing rain and crackling thunderstorm with some focus and focus, and a few followers can solely consider Bonnie chanting her spells when there is a sudden climate change.

Bonnie And Damon’s Adventure

Getting trapped within the Prison World was positively one of many worst issues that occurred to Bonnie however she really gained one thing nice out of it. As Elena rued the lack of her boyfriend and greatest pal, Damon and Bonnie had been discovering their retro world, and cultivating a friendship which might final a lifetime.

For as soon as, Bonnie bought an necessary storyline which followers beloved returning to, and her high quality time with Damon was lovely. It formed the remainder of her arc as soon as they returned, as a result of Damon stayed a real companion who did not let any hurt befall the Bennett witch.

Bonnie And Her Unfair Treatment

The lack of favor proven to Bonnie’s character just isn’t a secret in The Vampire Diaries fandom, and Bonnie’s devoted admirers take Julie Plec’s unhealthy remedy of the witch very critically. Bonnie was one of many few POC characters on the present, and he or she at all times bought the worst storylines, or was abused by her mates as a way to their finish.

The writers made Bonnie put up with every kind of horrible remedy on the present, and even took away her final probability at a contented ending with Enzo. Fans proceed to be enraged by this, and this spills into their meme-making practices. She might have been given extra attention-grabbing plots, and likewise not forgotten for big chunks of the present, as a result of her existence was what made the city livable and the gang secure.

All Of Bonnie’s Deaths

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Her self sacrificial nature and immense energy made Bonnie the hero of The Vampire Diaries. She gave herself as much as carry Jeremy again to life, then grew to become the Anchor to the Other Side to return again. She was lifeless for a very long time with Damon within the Prison World, and even nearly died at Enzo’s arms, however she at all times managed to return again.

This was why followers had been dismayed and shocked by her first loss of life, however then they learnt to count on her to return again eventually. Everyone knew she would save Mystic Falls and that she would return, as a result of the present was nothing with out Bonnie Bennett’s nearly limitless powers.

Bonnie’s Pyrotechnics

The best technique to know if Bonnie was within the room was by her signature catchphrase. The Bennett witch had expertise like no different, and he or she practiced numerous forms of magic. However, her favourite kind was the one the place she spoke in Latin, with every spell starting with the phrase “Phasmatos.”

Fire was Bonnie’s go-to, and her fiery magic was at all times spectacular, and fairly intimidating to observe. Bonnie’s signature chants grew to become her identification, and anybody might determine her from her favourite flame-filled spells.

Bonnie’s Heartbreak

Fans of the Bennett witch thought there was hope for her character when she appeared so near her dream love story with Enzo, however Stefan’s cruelty (and little different motive) took that away from her, leaving Benzo shippers heartbroken.

Enzo was one of many few males on the present who deserved Bonnie, and he or she lastly appeared to have gotten an epic love of her personal. Watching her wail over Enzo’s lifeless physique is a scene etched perpetually in viewers’ minds, and has develop into a defining a part of her journey on The Vampire Diaries.

The Greatest Witch Ever

Bonnie got here a good distance since her first forays into magic and spells. Fans reminisce how amazed her and Elena had been when she might make feathers float in her bed room, and the way she progressed over time to develop into one of the audacious and expert witches of her time.

Bonnie Bennett was the only motive why Mystic Falls was saved, and if it hadn’t been for her managing to get her power again and channel her bloodline to combat Hell Fire proper on the finish, the entire city and all of its inhabitants had been doomed. Her story was a protracted and profitable one. NEXT: 9 Similarities Between Elena & Katherine In The Vampire Diaries

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