There will be no female anchors or guests. The Taliban’s new media order


Women are being banned by the Taliban in Afghanistan. After hurting their education, many restrictions have now been imposed on women in the media sector as well. The media has been told by the Taliban that no female anchor will host the show with men, and no female guest will be invited to the show.

Those restrictions will not have any call-in shows for women, they will not get a shared office with men, and they will not be able to host with men. The participation of women in any live radio programs will also be banned. It is being reported that some Taliban officials went to Kandahar on Friday, where they told the media about this new decree.

The Taliban is currently facing global criticism for its anti-woman ideology. Recently, women’s studies at the university were also banned. It had banned women from going to the park. There is a large-scale opposition to this anti-woman thinking. The foreign ministers of the G7 countries have insisted in a statement that the Taliban will have to change their anti-women policies.

In fact, the Taliban issued a Tughlaq decree cracking down on women’s rights and banning them from working in domestic and external NGOs. Along with this, the Taliban had ordered these NGOs not to recruit women. Now all these decisions by the Taliban are being seen as a breach of promise. It was claimed that, when Taliban formed its government in Afghanistan, Taliban would not ban women. It was even said that this is the new Taliban, one that respects the rights of women. But with the formation of the government, the Taliban has only done the work of banning women, many of their rights have been taken away from them.


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