‘Tiger King’ Star Doc Antle Allegedly Laundered Over $500,000

Doc Antle was arrested and charged last week in South Carolina with his charges suspected to be linked to money laundering.

On Monday it was revealed after the 62-year-old Tiger King star’s federal indictment was unsealed that he’s facing two counts of money laundering.

A business partner and/or employee is alleged to have been in cahoots with him, laundering over $500,000. Andrew Sawyer has been named in the court documents that claim they were both laundering money with their alleged system as follows — receiving large sums of cash from an individuals and later write a cheque back to that person whilst deducting a fee for cleaning the money. Their fee was allegedly 15% for cleaning the money and their biggest taking that the FBI know about at the moment was over $500,000 between February and April 2022.

The FBI are saying they put two undercover informants in their camp to obtain audio recordings and tapes of their alleged activities, and it’s believed there is a lot of incriminating recordings.

If Doc is found guilty, he could be sentenced for up to 20 years in prison.

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