Tina-Shaleen’s relationship got upset, these contestants got nominated for eviction


You saw the last episode of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Wherein Abdu Rojik exposed the secrets of Sajid Khan & Co. and expressed his grief. While the live concert of MC Stan entertained everyone a lot. Now in the episode of January 2, a lot of fun was seen. Nomination done. The housemates told the truth about Tina and Shaleen’s relationship. Also, Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary enjoyed a lot in the fight between Tina Dutta and Nimrit Kaur. He supported Tina.

In Bigg Boss 16, when there was a live concert in the house on New Year, Tina and Shaleen Bhanot were cooking their own khichdi, taking advantage of the crowd and darkness. While he was fighting before this program happened. Tina was crying inside the blanket. Now when this concert is over, Archana Gautam talked to Soundarya Sharma about this. He said that all this looks good in front of the public? Do these people have no shame at all? On the other hand, Sajid Khan tells the people of the circle – there are top level fraud people. Stan says – those people don’t know what the public thinks. Shiv says – He deliberately hit his leg with an ax because the public has come, so he immediately came near. Sajid says – this is to avoid nomination.

Housemates raised questions on Tina-Shaleen’s relationship

Bigg Boss calls the housemates one by one to the confession room and asks them for their opinion on Shaleen and Tina’s relationship. Nimrit says- I do not see any truth in their relationship or friendship. Priyanka says- Those people who live together, I do not think that this bond will work even after going out. MC Stan says- After a few years he got this show, so maybe these people are doing this so that they get work. Archana says that she did not want to see Shaleen on new year. His photo was burnt but what were these people doing now.

Archana Gautam’s changed mood

Archana Gautam said that she will not fight with anyone on the new year. Will talk to everyone with love. These people may not improve, but they will improve. After this she tells on camera that she has kept a nickname of Bigg Boss.

Tina Dutta and Shaleen’s reconciliation

Tina Dutta lies near Shaleen’s feet and says that this party should not be held because this is how they reconcile. Everything was going well. Then Shaleen says that everything was going rotten. On the other hand, seeing all this, Archana makes fun of Gautam and Soundarya. Archana says- Juju will be killed seeing this and then both of them imitate them by becoming Shaleen and Tina.

Soundarya Sharma broke up with Gautam Vij

Nimrit Kaur is sitting next to Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma talking about Shaleen and Tina’s relationship. Then Nimrit says what Tina used to say and what she is doing now. Archana says Soundarya now don’t go to Gautam to know that you will go there after the show is over. Then Soundarya says that she will not go. Nimrit also says that it is good for you that he left the house at the right time.

Nimrit and Tina Dutta fight

Nimrit Kaur questions the cleanliness of the kitchen. Tina says Sreejita has not bitten. He has seen. Then Shaleen says that he had peeled the onion but did not remove it. Nimrit comes and she taunts. Then she talks politely. Tina then enters in the middle. Priyanka sitting there says that you are not understanding. Tina gives back to back answers. Priyanka explains to them that this is not the issue. Then Tina says – she was sleeping for so many days, now she is awake. Nimrit says I don’t make fake relationships like you. Tina says sometimes Gautam- sometimes Abdu. Then Nimrit teases her about Shaleen, then Tina says – this Archana 2 has come.

Archana and Shiv make fun of Tina-Shaleen

Archana Gautam and Shiv said that both are not understanding anything. Archana said that one day Shaleen will also propose. Bigg Boss asks if all this is pre planned? So Archana says that the friends of both know each other, so they have made a plan together to do the same in the last month. That’s what these people are doing. Archana also said that if Tina has someone outside, Tina has also told him that if she falls in love with someone in the house, don’t feel bad.

Shiv nominated 7 family members

The setup of Bibipur was made in the house. In this, the member whose house has power failure will be nominated. Electricity will remain in the house of only 4 people in the last round. Shiv Thackeray got the power that he can put 7 people in this danger. He names and nominates Tina, Shaleen, Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary, Archana, Soundarya Sharma, Sreejita and Sumbul.

housemates nominated

Nimrit’s turn comes and she electrifies Sumbul and nominates Sajid Khan. After this Sreejita’s number comes and she cuts off Sumbul’s power and gives electricity to Priyanka. Then Shaleen’s number comes and he cuts off Nimrit’s power by giving electricity to Tina. Then Abdu comes and turns off Tina’s life and turns on Nimrit’s light. Thus the lights remain on in Nimrit, Priyanka, Abdul and Stan’s house and Sreejita, Soundarya, Sumbul, Tina, Shaleen, Archana and Sajid get nominated.


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