Top 25 Pac-12 NIL Athlete Valuations Tracker

NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deals permeate college football, and they’re here to stay.

Pac-12And given the role NIL now plays in recruiting, there is a reasonable correlation between a player’s ability and valuation.

Below we’ve listed the Top 25 Pac-12 athletes in all sports based on their NIL valuations, as culled from the On3 NIL Valuations and Rankings, in a searchable, sortable table.

Not surprisingly, USC’s Caleb Williams tops the rankings, and the Trojans hold four of the Top 5 spots, leading the way with eight total.

Oregon is a close second with seven athletes, followed by Washington with three and UCLA with two. Arizona, Colorado, Stanford, Utah, and Washington State each have one.

Top 25 Pac-12 NIL Athlete Valuations

Rank Player NIL Valuation Team Sport Social Media Followers
1 Caleb Williams $2.4M USC Football 168K
2 Jordan Addison $887K USC Football 29K
3 Malachi Nelson $736K USC Football 69K
4 Noah Sewell $645K Oregon Football 75K
5 Andrew Vorhees $510K USC Football 2.1K
6 Bo Nix $491K Oregon Football 155K
7 Amari Bailey $422K UCLA Basketball 553K
8 Jaxson Kirkland $317K Washington Football 4.3K
9 DTR $306K UCLA Football 739K
10 Zachariah Branch $302K USC Football 83K
11 Clark Phillips III $270K Utah Football 3.4K
12 Justin Flowe $278K Oregon Football 245K
13 Jacob Cowing $274K Arizona Football 5K
14 T.J. Bass $266K Oregon Football 3.5K
15 Travis Dye $244K USC Football 26K
16 Tuli Tuipulotu $211K USC Football 3.8K
17 Cameron Ward $209K WSU Football 105K
18 Josh Chandler $177K Colorado Football 8.4K
19 Makai Lemon $176K USC Football 12.5K
20 Edefuan Ulofoshio $176K Washington Football 4.8K
21 ZTF $168K Washington Football 18.4K
22 Brandon Dorlus $157K Oregon Football 30
23 Jurrion Dickey $155K Oregon Football 12.5K
24 Tanner McKee $151K Stanford Football 8.6K
25 Cole Martin $146K Oregon Football 34K

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