Trollishly’s Guide To Manage Information Overload On Android

Are you having too many apps on your Android smartphone? If yes, you would have to deal with information overload. While you are using your phone for some important purpose, and if it won’t let you do, it would be a distracting experience. Probably there is a higher chance of missing some important alerts, even for some annoying ads or your favorite Facebook contacts updates. So, be more aware of the information overload on Android. Moreover, if you are a savvy social media user, you can create videos of the information overload and post them on Instagram Reels. Because Instagram Reels is more trending, sharing Reel content will reach more comprehensive users. In addition to higher content exposure, buy reels likes to help more people to know how to avoid information overload on their phones. 

Do you want a way out of information overload? If yes, follow the guide below to experience the best and save yourself from a distracting experience. 

What Is Information Overload On Android?

Now communication technologies have emerged dramatically, and with easy access to the internet, mobile phone users have become higher. Researchers said that with the evolution of the new application, many users started installing many apps on their Android phones. If more apps were installed and widely used without enough memory, it would lead to information overload. On the other hand, if too many apps exist, the process gets slow, and your phone gets stuck in or hand often. So to deal with it, here are a few practical tips you can take advantage of. 

#1 Restrict Push Notifications For Unwanted Apps

First, you must block notifications by default for selective apps. However, it is more challenging to do it one by one. While installing any app, make sure you have blocked push notifications by default. It would be a great idea to avoid getting unwanted notifications while watching something more important. Many pro users suggest downloading and installing applications like ‘Switch Off Notifications’ to block notifications effortlessly. At the same time, many developers are creating an application to turn off notifications. They make their app popular by creating content and sharing it on social media platforms, mainly on Instagram. Regarding Insta, taking advantage of the Reels feature and utilizing Trollishly would be a great idea to boost the reach of your content. 

#2 Unsubscribe To Your Email Checklists 

The best way to limit the information coming your way is by avoiding subscribing to most newsletters and email lists. Hence, you no longer have to focus on the unwanted information that is often coming your way. First, you should check out the emails and ‘unsubscribe’ from your subscribed emails. It will be a more straightforward process to unsubscribe and avoid information overload. Experts say that you must prevent subscribing to most of the notifications coming your way. It might cause several security issues with your account, so stay aware of what you are subscribing to and remain secure. 

#3 Emphasis On Email Filter

Do you want to route emails automatically? If yes, then use custom filters to sort out your incoming emails. If you use the filter, it would be made easy for you to sort out the emails that you receive daily. For instance, creating a filter works well and directs the mail to a specific folder. Therefore, move all your company emails to an ‘Important’ folder to look directly at your work-related emails. Yes, it would be a wise decision, and you can ensure that you won’t miss out on any important emails and stay active with the regular updates on your work-related emails. This results in improving the productivity of your business. 

#4 Uninstall Unnecessary Chat Platforms

If you look over the PlayStore many chat platforms like Telegram, Slack, Discord, and more will send you notifications. Maybe you have installed the applications, but you are not so active in that. At that time, switch off its notification so that you won’t get notified and be on the safer side. If you want to check out updates in any specific application, you can look over it and switch on the notification. Furthermore, if the application you won’t use anymore, it is better to uninstall it to prevent information overload. So that your phone’s processing speed increases and you get a superb experience while using your phone. One great idea is to use two smartphones and categorize them for different purposes. Use one phone for your official work and never download unnecessary apps; the other for using social media applications, playing games, and more.  

Wrapping It Up

Today, most users spend more time using smartphones and downloading multiple apps like messenger, social media, and new apps to stay updated with the latest news. And businesses to connect with their customers worldwide are more likely to use platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Whereas uniquely creating content and, after sharing it, getting assistance from Trollishly to boost their content reach. We conclude that when using an Android phone, you can minimize distractions and speed up your phone’s performance by following the above steps. 


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