Tusk: Walrus Man True Story Explained

The walrus man in Tusk, Kevin Smith’s horror comedy a few man who’s surgically reworked right into a walrus, was not primarily based on a real story, because the movie humorously claims. It was, nevertheless, impressed by a pretend on-line commercial through which an previous man affords a room in his home rent-free, however with a catch: the fortunate tenant should be prepared and in a position to sometimes costume up in a walrus costume and behave like a walrus. The man who created the pretend advert is author Chris Parkinson of Brighton, England. He posted it as a joke, however in line with experiences from Variety, Parkinson acquired over 400 responses to the advert.


The transformation from human to walrus is the primary similarity between the movie and the pretend advert. In the movie, Los Angeles podcaster Wallace Bryton (Justin Long) and his co-host, Teddy (Haley Joel Osment), ridicule unlucky individuals in viral movies, and Wallace interviews them. For an interview with a teen who mistakenly minimize off his leg, Wallace has to go to the outskirts of Manitoba, Canada. After he discovers that the person has dedicated suicide, presumably due to the ridicule, he finds a flyer posted by an previous man who appears excellent for the podcast.

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Unlike Parkinson’s advert, nevertheless, the flyer doesn’t point out the walrus, and it’s not a joke. Instead, it’s a lure posted by serial killer Howard Howe (Michael Parks, Kill Bill), a retired sailor obsessive about discovering redemption for murdering and consuming a walrus that he claims as soon as saved his life. He disfigures his victims and surgically transforms them into the walrus, which he named Mr. Tusk in order that he can re-enact their time collectively and provides his savior an opportunity to stay.

How Did The Fake Ad Become Kevin Smith’s Tusk?

Justin Long in Tusk

Considering the main variations between Parkinson’s pretend advert and the movie, it might be tough to think about how the previous impressed the latter. It’s apparent that Tusk replaces the previous man with a serial killer and the walrus costume with a grotesque surgical transformation right into a walrus. But the place do the movie’s protagonists come from? The reply to this query is surprisingly easy: They are primarily based on the movie’s director, Kevin Smith, and his buddy Scott Mosier (Clerks).

In one episode of Kevin Smith’s SModcast podcast, they learn the pretend advert aloud and giggle about it, considering it’s actual. In the movie, the podcasters are significantly crueler than Smith and Mosier, and Wallace’s transformation right into a walrus might be interpreted as a karmic consequence of this cruelty. His transformation can also be the results of the serial killer’s particular relationship with the walrus, just like the particular relationship featured in Parkinson’s pretend advert.

While Tusk can solely laughably be thought-about to be primarily based on precise occasions, Smith’s film was undeniably impressed by the advert. The movie ornaments the story, combines it with parts from the author’s personal life, and applies a traditional horror premise to it: a disgraceful man seeking one thing doesn’t discover what he’s on the lookout for however will get precisely what he deserves. Tusk deploys a commentary on voyeurism, a tradition of schadenfreude, and the perils of each. Wallace ridiculed unlucky individuals for a dwelling and put them on show. The worth he paid for that cruelty was to change into certainly one of them by the movie’s conclusion.

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The Fake Tusk Ad Author Explains The Adaptation To Screen Rant

The Walrus in captivity in the end of Tusk.

Screen Rant caught up with UK poet Chris Parkinson, the creator of “Landlord Seeks Lodger For Walrus Cosplay” – the web lodging itemizing credited with Tusk‘s complete existence. According to Parkinson, the escalation of the weird however unassuming publish led to “the strangest year and a half of his life” (and one of many strangest motion pictures in addition). The mission escalated in a short time, and Parkinson was current on-set through the manufacturing of Smith’s horror curio.“I got whisked out to North Carolina for filming. I spent a week wandering around a deserted country club, watching Michael Parks muttering lines from my advert in a gloriously sinister way, and coming face to face with some very alarming life-size walrus suits,” Parkinson remembers. “A year later, I was out in LA watching the premiere, although I don’t think anyone knew who the hell I was when I walked down the red carpet.”

Many authors, together with Stephen King, hated some film diversifications of their work. But Parkinson glows about Tusk as a chunk of cinema. “I loved it. I think it’s absolutely hilarious. But it horrified other people,” he enthuses. “It’s certainly a bit more sinister than my original advert, but I think that works in its favor. It takes the premise set up in the post and it evolves it to its logical and terrible conclusion. And the ending is probably the most heartbreaking moment in the entire history of cinema. Perhaps man truly is a walrus at heart.” Parkinson met Smith a handful of occasions and maintains that the legendary director was “kind, welcoming and absolutely hilarious.” However, Kevin Smith initially thought that advert was actual when researching the film. “Kevin didn’t know that it was some guy writing a ridiculous advert on Gumtree  (a Craigslist equivalent in the UK) – he thought that people were trying to introduce him to a real guy with a spare room and a homemade walrus costume. Which, given how things turn out in the film, might not be the sort of person you’d actually want to meet in real life.”

As far as the unique publish goes, over 400 individuals replied, which, in line with Parkinson, “says a lot about the housing situation in most major cities.” But would he have replied having stumbled throughout the advert himself? “I would like to say no, but I’m always up for a challenge.” Tusk is Parkinson’s solely on-line publish that grew to become a film, though an earlier publish created a hubbub on a way more restrained stage. “A few months before the walrus advert, I reported a vortex to another dimension on a community road maintenance website. There were snakes coming out of the vortex, and my little dog nearly got sucked into it,” he explains, “It never turned into a horror movie, but I did find a video on YouTube a few years ago featuring a couple of ‘paranormal investigators’ walking up and down my street looking for the vortex. The Internet was a different place back in 2013/4, and there was more space to insert these weird little stories and make the world a stranger and more interesting place, even if just glimpsed in passing.”Tusk acquired a disappointingly meager theatrical launch within the UK, however Chris Parkinson and Kevin Smith contributed one thing singular to the horror style. Here’s hoping that the snake vortex film picks up traction quickly. In hindsight, Tusk was a rarity that warrants a revisit.

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