Types of Vape Pens You Can Buy in 2022


The infinite choices of vaping devices can be pretty mind-boggling since several brands have introduced different types and styles. This guide will clarify the various vaping devices market has to offer! But before tapping into this topic, let’s quickly discuss the vape pen’s different parts.

Essential Components of a Vape Pen

A vape pen’s exterior includes a mouthpiece, adjustments options, a firing button, and a USB charging port (if the device is rechargeable). Its main body comes with a built-in or interchangeable battery and a cartridge or a tank with a coil to vaporize the vaping material in the cotton wick.

Vaporizers and Their Different Types

Vaporizers are classified into four types, which are as follows: 


  • Vape Pens
  • Cig-a-like disposable E-cigarettes
  • Pod mods, and 
  • Box vape mods 


Note: Each option is the best one as it is crafted to cater to different vapers’ needs.

Vape Pens

These devices are portable, compact, small, lightweight, straightforward to use, and affordable. They offer various functions for a great vaping session but not as much as box vape and pod mods. Moreover, vape pens are ideal for those who have not tried these devices before and are new to them. These vape pens are also customizable and come with refillable cartridges, variable temperature, and voltage settings. Bu the only con is that they have low juice capacity. 


Cig-A-like Disposable E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes look pretty similar to traditional cigarettes, but they are the best alternative as they are non-toxic. These simple, discreet, budget-friendly, and effortless to use devices are popular among novice users. If you are searching for a top-of-the-line brand, you can try disposable vape pens from Hyde Flavors. These draw-activated devices are now coming with an upgraded outlook design and do not have operational buttons. These vaping devices are mostly non-refillable. In addition, these disposables vapes’ longevity depends on the puff count – which can vary between 1300 and 5000+ hits. The only downside is that these e-cigarettes possess limited functionality. 

Pod Mods

Pod mods are the advanced version of e-cigarette disposables and vape pens as they offer massive, flavorful, and dense vapors. These electronic pod mods are used for vaping nicotine through the mouthpiece and are compatible with salt and free-base nicotine e-liquid. Pod mods support open systems that are refillable with e-juice and closed systems that come with disposable pods. Once they get depleted, you have to replace them. Moreover, pod mods offer more functions and features than vape pens but are less costlier than box mods. The only disadvantage of these devices is that they may not produce vapors like that of box mods.

Box Vape Mods

Box-shaped devices are more powerful, customizable, have a great battery life, and include rebuildable atomizers having a low-resistance coil. These coils having low resistances make box mods more popular as they produce thicker, denser clouds. In addition, box mods offer various features like adjustable airflow options, variable voltage and wattage settings, and memory mode. These ergonomically designed devices are portable but are tricky to use and are relatively more expensive than the other options mentioned earlier. Box mods are usually preferred by advanced or cannabis connoisseurs because they require vast knowledge and practice to use these devices. 

Final Thoughts

Various choices with different features have made it easier for consumers to pick their favorite products to satiate their vaping needs. What’s more, these vaping devices are available in different price ranges, styles, and difficulty levels. Each type of vape pen has boons and banes, and the selection solely depends on your requirements and preferences. We hope this concise, comprehensible guide has made it easy to help you spot and purchase the vape pen you need!


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