Ukraine and Russia: What you need to know right now


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The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly condemned Russia’s attempted annexation of four Ukrainian areas while Kyiv’s allies committed more military aid after intense Russian missile strikes.


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* Three-quarters of the 193-member General Assembly – 143 countries – condemned Russia’s “attempted illegal annexation” of four partially occupied regions in Ukraine and called on all countries not to recognize the move.

* Presidents Putin of Russia and Erdogan of Turkey will meet for talks in Kazakhstan on Thursday; Turkey is likely to raise ideas for peace in Ukraine, a Kremlin aide said.

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* The Kremlin scolded Western leaders for engaging in “provocative” nuclear rhetoric after a series of warnings from Russia, the United States and NATO on the dangers of the Ukraine conflict becoming a nuclear war.


* The top U.S. general on Wednesday condemned indiscriminate Russian missile strikes on Ukraine that killed civilians, suggesting they met the definition of war crimes.

* At least seven people were killed and eight injured in a Russian strike on a crowded market in the frontline town of Avdiivka, the governor of Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region said.

* Russia hit about 30% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in its missile attacks on Monday and Tuesday, Ukraine’s energy minister said.


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* Ukraine needs about $55 billion – $38 billion to cover next year’s estimated budget deficit, and a further $17 billion to start to rebuild critical infrastructure, including schools, housing and energy facilities, President Zelenskiy said.

* The United States and its Western allies are still discussing where to set the price for a capping mechanism meant to punish Moscow for its invasion while keeping Russian crude on the global market, U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen said. A Russian oil price cap in the $60 range would allow Moscow some profit, Yellen said.

* Putin said Europe was to blame for its energy crisis with policies that starved the oil and gas industry of investment and said price caps would make it worse, as EU states tried to forge a deal on ways to contain soaring energy costs. (Compiled by Grant McCool)


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