Ukraine and Russia: What you need to know right now

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Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant again lost external power, while Moscow kept its main gas pipeline to Germany shut in what has become an energy war between Russia and the West.


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* The Zaporizhzhia plant continues to supply electricity to the grid through a reserve line despite losing connection to the last remaining main external power line, the International Atomic Energy Agency said on Saturday.

* An official from the Russian-installed administration in Zaporizhzhia told a radio station the situation around the nuclear plant has been calm so far on Sunday. Speaking to Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, official Igor Rogov said there had been no shelling or incursions.

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* Russia said on Saturday it foiled a Ukrainian attempt to take back the plant with strikes from military helicopters and fighter jets, destroying 20 Ukrainian vessels.

* Reuters could not verify the report. Kyiv and Moscow have traded accusations about attacks on the plant for months.

* Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call that his country can play a facilitator role regarding the plant, his office said on Saturday.


* Germany’s gas storage facilities have reached the October goal of 85% despite the extended halt of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline delivering gas from Russia, data from European operators group GIE showed on Saturday.

* The European Union expects Russia to respect existing energy contracts but is prepared to meet the challenge if it fails to do so, Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said on Saturday.

(Compiled by William Mallard and Frances Kerry)

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