UofT Professor found guilty of Sexual Harassment and Racism, but still to teach classes


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Toronto, ON, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Robert Reisz is a University of Toronto – Mississauga Campus professor who has been accused of and found guilty of sexual harassment and racism.

The University of Toronto conducted an external investigation after the submission of a 72-page written report detailing his abuse and gross misconduct by two students in 2020. The investigators found that the allegations under the University’s Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy were factually substantiated. Professor Robert Reisz was found guilty. The University of Toronto Mississauga Students Union (UTMSU), local 109 of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), along with other student organizations across UofT, condemn the actions of Robert Riesz and the inaction of the University of Toronto.

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Despite the findings of the investigation, the professor continues to work in the University, he is currently employing students for a research lab, and will teach 2 undergraduate courses next semester.

“It is completely unacceptable for Professor Robert Reisz to still be employed on our campus, and allowed to run a lab this semester and teach two courses next semester where he will continue to be in direct contact with students.”

– Maëlis Barre, President, UTMSU

The UTMSU joins students and student organizations in demanding that the University of Toronto:

  1. Immediately terminate Robert Reisz’s employment 
  2. Issue a formal statement condemning the actions of Robert Reisz and apologize to the University community
  3. Provide easily accessible and well-promoted resources and funding for those affected by Robert Reisz
  4. Hire external investigatory bodies to conduct a review of policy implementation to identify if practices follow the policy, and for such investigatory bodies to be approved by students. The results of said investigation should be made accessible to the public and students. 

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The UTMSU and other student organizations are organizing an action on Wednesday, November 30th at 12:00PM at the UofT Mississauga Campus to support these demands. 

The action aims to harness the frustration of the student body and members of the community, and to pressure the University of Toronto to take action against the professor for the safety of students. 

The University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union (UTMSU) represents around 16,000 undergraduate students across the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. We are fundamentally committed to the principle of access to education for all, meaning our top priority is working to remove barriers to help meet the academic and social needs of all undergraduate students.


For further information contact: Felipe Nagata, Executive Director, executivedirector@utmsu.ca, 437-333-8964

1815 Inner Circle Road, Student Centre Room 100 | Mississauga, ON L5L1C6 | T: 905-828-5249 F: 905-569-4714


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