Uproar over Pfizer vaccine, BJP wants Congress, CEO dodges questions Pfizer CEO Ignores Questions About Covid Vaccine In Davos Says Report


American Pharmaceutical Company pfizer Controversy has started in India regarding the corona vaccine. The BJP is going around the Congress on this issue. Bharatiya Janata Party It is said that Congress supported the vaccine, but its leader appeared to evade questions. Basically, this controversy started when a video of the Pfizer CEO went viral on social media, where he is seen avoiding a reporter’s questions in Davos.

In this viral video on social media, Pfizer CEO Albert Borla is seen running away from a Rebel News reporter’s questions. He is avoiding answering any questions. Borla avoids the questions by saying ‘Thank you very much’.

Why hide information?

It is clearly seen in the viral video that when the reporter wanted to ask questions about vaccines to the CEO of Pfizer, he was seen avoiding them. He dodged the reporter’s questions. A reporter asked if Pfizer’s vaccine could stop the disease. But why did you hide this thing?

Will you apologize to the world?

A Rebel News reporter asked that Pfizer said that the vaccine is 100 percent effective, then 90 percent, then 80 percent, then 70 percent, but now we know that the vaccine cannot stop the corona virus. Why did you hide this?’ A reporter also asked the CEO of Pfizer if he would refund money to countries that bought ineffective vaccines. Will you apologize to the world now?

BJP has surrounded Congress

Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar shared the video. He said, ‘Let me remind all Indians that the same company threatened India for not accepting compensation. During this time, he looked at Congress.

He also said that Rahul, Chidambaram and Jairam Ramesh supported the Corona vaccine abroad. But he failed completely.


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