Uproar over printing of picture of Hindu goddess on beer bottle, told the company – take back the product or else…


In Britain, a ruckus has started regarding the beer bottles of a brewing company. This company named Bien Mangar has printed the picture of Hindu goddess on its beer bottles. Now the company is being opposed since the matter came to the fore. The Hindu community has demanded the company to withdraw its product. Insight UK, a social platform raising voice on issues related to Hindus and Indians in Britain, has informed about this.

Insight UK has protested against the company named Bien Mangar, which manufactures liquor and said that the company is selling products that hurt the sentiments of Hindus in the market. Insight UK has tweeted about this matter with a picture of beer and demanded action.

Demand to remove the label arose

The Hindu community of Britain is also protesting against putting God’s photo on a beer bottle. The Hindus living there have demanded the company to remove this controversial and derogatory label on the beer bottle and have said that if the picture is not removed from the beer bottle, the protest will intensify. This is not the first case when an attempt has been made to hurt the sentiments of Hindus through liquor and beer.

Even before this, cases similar to this have come to the fore many times. In the year 2021, Grenade-sur-Garonne, a French brewing company, launched ‘Shiva Beer’ in the market, due to which the Hindu community expressed outrage. Not only this, in the year 2018 also, a liquor company named Derbyshire printed a picture of Kali Mata on a beer bottle, after which Hindu organizations criticized the company.

Regarding Mandala beer, the Hindu community has demanded that the company should withdraw its product and ban its sale in the market.

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