Verizon is giving away a free year of Netflix, but there’s a catch


Verizon is currently offering customers who subscribe to select streaming services a free year of Netflix. It’s the premium, top-tier, $19.99-a-month Netflix subscription, which means the deal will save you $240 a year. Of course, that’s only assuming you want to subscribe to one of the other streaming services Verizon makes available through its +play platform.

That Netflix is in on such a deal isn’t necessarily shocking. The streamer is struggling to keep subscribers in top markets like the US. The partnership with Verizon allows it to glean information about consumer preferences when it comes to streaming. And no, you can’t subscribe to Disney Plus through Verizon to get a free year of Netflix. Only select subscriptions apply.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Verizon is looking to bolster its place as a distributor of streaming services. Like Apple, Google, and Amazon, Verizon wants consumers to buy subscription services like Netflix through it. And this doesn’t only apply to video services.

The free year of Netflix deal will be available to all Verizon customers on a postpaid wireless plan or those with 5G wireless home internet service if they purchase a yearlong or season-long subscription to one of the following services available via +play:

  • NFL+ Premium
  • NBA League Pass
  • Calm
  • Peloton
  • Duolingo
  • AMC+

The Journal explains that streamers usually receive a wholesale rate for such deals. Both parties share marketing costs for the deal. Furthermore, the parties can negotiate a revenue cut from people who convert to paying subscribers after the promo period is over.

The report notes that Netflix gets user data from Verizon for this partnership. The streamer will find out which streaming services customers choose to pay for to get free Netflix for a year. In turn, this purchase intent data could inform Netflix about the content it should focus on to attract subscribers.

Verizon’s +play platform also offers buyers access to Disney Plus and HBO Max, but these aren’t part of the Netflix promotion.

The deal will be available to over 30 million Verizon customers. Moreover, Verizon told The Journal it intends to explore new kinds of streaming bundles for +play. That includes packages mixing video and non-video streaming services.


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