Video: Blockbuster is back – as a Los Angeles speakeasy

In Los Angeles, you can hop back in time to the 80s and 90s with the new Blockbuster pop-up experience.

The speakeasy allows guests to come in, get their Blockbuster membership card and peruse the VHS boxes on the shelves.

But instead of a video tape, the VHS boxes represent different drinks, from cocktails to beer and wine.

The immersive experience, complete with blue and yellow decor throughout, allows guests to relax on beanbags and even play retro video games.

During its tenure on Melrose Avenue until February 2023, guests will also be able to watch iconic 80s and 90s films while drinking and dining in the garden.

Derek Berry, the head of experiences for Bucket Listers, told Reuters: “You’re going to go out and have fun but you’re still experiencing what you did at Blockbuster’s which is essentially renting movies and things of that nature.

“So we came up with this really fun concept and the idea is to transport people back to a better time, a more fun time and if you’re going to go out, go out and have a fun themed night like this.”

Video production: Remi Acosta and Rollo Ross, of Reuters.

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