VIDEO : Watch: Chaos in Brazil, Prince Harry’s controversial memoirs and a row over coal in Germany


Euronews takes a look back at some of the big events during this week.

Brasilia riots

Hundreds of supporters of Brazil’s far-right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro broke through police barricades and stormed into Congress, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court on Sunday, in what President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva condemned as a fascist attack.

Lula, who was in the southeastern city of Araraquara visiting a region hit by severe floods, signed a decree declaring a federal intervention in Brasilia, giving his government special powers to restore law and order in the capital.

Prince Harry”s book

Prince Harry’s controversial memoir, Spare, went on sale and quickly turned into a bestseller. 

Commentators said the book trashed relations between Harry and the British Royal family.   

Blasting to pieces the royal motto ‘never complain and never explain,’ the book explores the Duke of Sussex’s grief over his mother’s death and his resentment of being second best to his brother, Prince William, the heir to the British throne.

It also reveals descriptions of arguments and a physical altercation with William, revelations on how he lost his virginity, and his use of cocaine and cannabis, to name but a few.

Coal mine protest in Germany

The fate of a tiny village sparked heated debate in Germany over the country’s continued use of coal and whether tackling climate change justifies breaking the law.

Environmental activists have been locked in a standoff with police who started eviction operations on Wednesday in the hamlet of Luetzerath, west of Cologne, that’s due to be bulldozed for the expansion of a nearby lignite mine.

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