Visit to Mexico: Biden wants to deport 30,000 illegal migrants a month


US President Joe Biden has arrived in Mexico for talks. The focus is likely to be on the issue of migration. His Mexican colleague Andrés Manuel López Obrador received him on Sunday (local time) at Felipe Ángeles Airport north of Mexico City. A bilateral meeting between the two heads of state was planned for Monday. On Tuesday, López Obrador, Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet for the North America Summit.

Before arriving in Mexico City, Biden had visited the US southern border near El Paso on Sunday. Recently, the number of illegal migrants had risen dramatically. Between October 2021 and October 2022, well over two million people attempted to enter the United States – a record.

Biden plans deportations and curbing illegal migration

Mexico is central to the issue of migration because most migrants from Central and Latin America come to the United States via Mexico. A few days ago, Biden announced new measures to curb illegal migration. According to this, up to 30,000 migrants per month from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti should be able to legally enter the USA under certain conditions. In return, 30,000 illegal immigrants per month are to be deported from these countries to Mexico.

US-Mexico border situation is hot topic between Democrats and Republicans

Biden has repeatedly been sharply attacked by Republicans because of the situation on the border. Most recently, Republican Greg Abbott called for the construction of the border wall in Texas to be resumed immediately. As one of his first acts in office, Biden shut down the heartfelt concern of his Republican predecessor Donald Trump. Strictly speaking, the wall with its high, metal pillars is more of a fence than a wall.

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