Vitiligo after battling cancer, learn from Mamta Mohandas to stay alive in every difficulty


Life gives us a lot of problems, but by going ahead of those problems, we should live our life with enthusiasm. Actress Mamta is teaching this…

If you are active on social media, then you must have heard the name of Mamta Mohandas in the last few days. Mamta Mohandas is the actress who has recently been diagnosed with autoimmune disease vitiligo. Mamta Mohandas has given information about this disease by posting a post on her Instagram account. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which the color of the skin starts changing and white spots appear. It is a big deal for an actress to be suffering from such a disease.

This type of situation has not come for the first time with Mamta. She has been a victim of some serious illness even before this. Harzindagi brings news related to the interest of every women under its #Haqse series. Tells their thoughts, their rights and things related to them. Today we are going to tell you about Mamta Mohandas under this series. If Mamta is called an example of liveliness, it will not be less.

battling cancer since 2010

Mamta was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2010. This is a cancer that affects the germ fighting immune system of the body. In 2013, this cancer started troubling her again and she went to America for her treatment.

We get scared when we hear about cancer, but Mamta stepped forward leaving behind her nervousness. He fought it well and won.

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Now a victim of vitiligo

Where on one hand Mamta won the battle with cancer, on the other hand life threw another bet at her. He got vitiligo. She wrote on her Instagram post, ‘Dear Son, I am now embracing you like never before. So many spots, I may be losing my colour, I stand in front of you everyday, watching your first ray emerge through the mist. Give me whatever you have.’

mamta mohandas vitiligo

Mamta used a lot of hashtags with this and told that she has got auto immune disease vitiligo. She is also happy in this journey of hers and is moving ahead with full spirit.

Second actress after Samantha Ruth Prabhu who got auto immune disease

A few days ago, Samantha Ruth Prabhu had also told about this that she has got auto immune disease. In November, Samantha told that she is taking treatment for myositis. In this autoimmune disease, the muscles of the body give a lot of pain and there are countless cramps.

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Mamta is teaching the name of living life

The way Mamta Mohandas made public about her illness is praiseworthy. You must have noticed how much leucorrhoea is misunderstood in India. It seems that those who have got white spots, it is their fault. Life is the name of living and it is necessary to accept everything in your life. The same is happening with Mamta. She wants to live her life freely.

Battling vitiligo and physical discomfort after cancer, people give up the courage to live, but Mamta is not among them. She is explaining that life should be lived with enthusiasm. The entire career of an actress depends on her looks, but Mamta doesn’t care about it and she teaches us not to even care about it. Live your life freely and face whatever difficulties come your way with a smile.

We salute the spirit of Mamta. Tell us what you can learn from Mamta Mohandas in the comment box below the article. If you liked this story then do share it. Stay connected to Harzindagi to read more such stories.

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