VTN bets big on the future of wellness being ‘connected and customised’ 


Leading talent in the international sales and social influencer community come together in Sydney this week for VTN’s Annual Summit; ‘A Journey Ahead of Time’.

The event offers immersive brand experiences, features prominent wellness industry founders and celebrates new partnerships alongside the launch of the new strategic platform. 

Standing for Veritas, Tempus, Naturae in Latin or ‘truth, time and nature’, regionalised variations of the VTN App now bring together science, lifestyle content and shopping to form a world-leading, holistic wellness destination. VTN is betting big on the future of wellness being ‘connected and customised,’ ushering in the next generation of its massively successful sales and engagement platform. It offers a unique approach to commerce that blends products, services and personalisation together with a human-powered customer experience. 

To date, more than 12 million unique users have transacted through the VTN platform across its apps, services, e-commerce storefronts and live-streaming events. What’s more, last year – during the world’s largest sales event period, Double Eleven – 1.5 million packages were shipped to more than 17 countries worldwide through the VTN network.

VTN aims to be the birthplace of new wellness and beauty trends; a launchpad for the latest innovations.  What makes VTN a disruptor is its ability to accelerate the time it takes for cutting-edge innovations to get from the science lab into the hands of everyday shoppers (a term they call science to shopper (S2S). This positioning will see the launch of world-first products and the emergence of entirely new categories take place on VTN before they are available anywhere else. VTN aims to promote wellness as a ‘way of life’ and build a culture and a community around wellness.

VTN is proud to announce the signing of new exclusive 10-year distribution agreements with leading brands like MitoQ, amongst others. The platform is already home to SRW, Vida Glow, Eimele, Dr LeWinn’s, Amilera, Bean Body, Bee+, Beeotic, Invisible Zinc, Lovekins, Minenssey, Napoleon Perdis and Savar which are available in key markets exclusively on the platform. VTN also partners with more than 100 brands as a distribution partner, with all products carefully curated to fit their ‘wellness innovation’ vision and meet their highest standards of quality and efficacy.

VTN connects to a global network of more than 80,000 key partners and social influencers who form a critical part of the group’s ‘secret sauce’ – a wellness journey with real humans at the heart of the experience.

As Will Wu, COO, explains: “We believe traditional retail and e-commerce is dead. The future of wellness is ‘connected and customised’. We are reimagining the link between Science and Shopper (S2S) through VTN in order to offer a highly personalised, multi-dimensional and expertly guided shopping experience.

“By combining real-time messaging services with the latest editorial content and overlaying these elements with popular digital shopping incentives, such as limited-time special offers, bulk buy pricing, birthday and VIP specials, we’re disrupting the traditional model of digital selling.”   

Commercially, the VTN platform works because it contains all the key ingredients needed for trend setting. It links key opinion leaders with engaged customer audiences, combines current affairs and news, innovative and award-winning products with limited availability, social buzz, early and accelerated adoption rates, and a vertically integrated logistics chain that ensures products transit from digital shopping baskets to customers’ hands in record time. Add scale to the mix, and you have a digitally enabled next-generation social sales tool that is perfectly engineered to help generate its own demand.

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