Web 3 Gaming Company, Emergent, Announces Launch of New Game

In an announcement made ahead of the release of their new gaming project slated to launch on the 29th of June 2022, blockchain and metaverse gaming company, Emergent Games, confirmed the impending launch of their new ARG (Alternate reality game), ‘The End’. The release will mark the first prologue stage of the studio’s plan to launch its game, Resurgence, which is a Web 3 AAA MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game.

The End will be the first part of Resurgence’s world-building phase and comprises an interactive story that presents the key characters, settings and politics that set up the game’s fascinating storyline.

Resurgence Game Development Plan

The prologue game employs the use of various digital mediums which include social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram) as well as various websites to develop its intriguing narrative.

The End engages players from the beginning of Resurgence game development process, thereby allowing them to become part of the gaming story. Interested game players will be required to sign up their email addresses and are then invited to digital platforms to solve mysteries, disseminate various information and subsequently earn rewards. These rewards have actual value in the Resurgence world.

As part of this new gaming project, Emergent Games will also set up a thousand (1000) limited edition Resurgence ‘Cryotag’ Non-fungible tokens(NFTs) which will only be offered through a free mint for those who have been invited.

The End will also make a restricted amount of Cryotags available for players in the ARG game. To enter the game, players will need to register for the Resurgence newsletter.

Resurgence Prospects moving forward

Following on from the ARG prologue phase will be a series of major Resurgence world-building game drops which will consist of a mobile game application as well as a PC-based single-player game. The final stage will be the Massively Multiplayer Online game(MMO) phase of Resurgence that will be launched in 2024.

Emergent Games formed recently, with an aim to draw in 2.7 billion gamers through a ‘game first’ maxim supported by a ‘free to play’ and ‘choose to earn’ approach.

The Web 3 game studio is a joint endeavor between London-based games studio Maze Theory and crypto technology and operations business Pluto Digital, who contributed $7.6M as a feature of the arrangement.

This organization combines blockchain mastery and exceptional game development expertise to create a business at the bleeding edge of the new decentralized gaming space.

The game studio involves a group of extraordinary creatives with a distinguished aggregate game history that incorporates Wonderbook, The London Heist, Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, Knightmare, FIFA, House of the Dead, Blood and Truth, Gran Turismo and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Cryotags NFTs up for Grabs

Ian Hambleton, CEO of Emergent Games, says, “The End (ironically!) marks an exciting first step in building the world of Resurgence. We are genuinely making something new with an incredible AAA game that also offers an optional NFT element. For both gamers and crypto enthusiasts, it’s truly compelling.”

He adds: “Bringing players in now helps immerse them in the lore and the dramatic build-up to the post-apocalyptic world we’ll see with Resurgence. Plus, they get the chance to win first-generation NFTs that will prove invaluable further down the line.”


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