Welcome to Wonderworld: David Jones showcases natural beauty on the runway

Department store giant David Jones unveiled the latest Spring/Summer collections this week in its Elizabeth Street flagship in Sydney.

Titled Wonderworld, the runway featured a diverse range of models showcasing next season’s collections from local and international brands, with five showings executed between Wednesday and Friday for industry insiders and consumers. The runway featured local and international brands such as Aje, Camilla and Marc, Hugo Boss, P.E. Nation, Carla Zampatti, Matteau, Balmain,  Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen.

Bridget Veals, David Jones’ general manager for womenswear, footwear and accessories, told Inside Retail that Australians are ready to shop for fashion again, with events back on the menu and borders open.

“After having spent so much time at home there’s a thrill about getting dressed up again,” Veals said.

“With the new season ahead comes many trends including party dressing, feminine prints, bold colour ways, form-fitting silhouettes and tailored suiting. We’ve also seen a big uptake in euphoric dressing, with low-rise wedges, miniskirts and baby tees with a retro edge.”

And, with the Christmas season fast approaching, Veals expects more people to be willing to shop for outfits in the coming months, given there is less anxiety around potentially being dropped back into a shock lockdown.

David Jones’ general manager of menswear, childrenswear, home and audio visual Chris Wilson agreed, noting that for the first time in several years consumers are able to make concrete plans for their holiday events.

“We’re expecting them to make the most of this,” Wilson said. 

“At David Jones, we really pride ourselves on the premium services we provide customers for a seamless experience and know this is something they really value.”

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