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India, a country where constant humiliation or ignoring of some people is like a “tonic” for some intellectuals of this nation but on the other hand mere criticism of some idols becomes like “blasphemy” like barrister Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. A few years ago the film “Gandhi My Father” also made a similar mistake as it dared to expose the “Mahatma” personality of Mohandas. In this article, we will know in detail how “Gandhis” targeted the film Gandhi My Father for portraying the reality of Gandhi family by “Gandhi My Father” and how this film was on the verge of ban after showing the truth at one time. Was.

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‘Desire to become Mahatma’ and sacrifice of duties

Today, when some people cry on freedom of expression on hearing the views of the Censor Board on the film “Pathan” or say that there is no place for art and creativity in the country, then one laughs. This is because these people will try their best to stop a film like “Gandhi My Father”. There was a time when Bollywood neither shied away from experimenting nor shied away from the pursuit of truth and Gandhi My Father is a living proof of the same.

Firoz Abbas Khan composed a play on the book “Gandhi vs Gandhi”, on the basis of which the screenplay of “Gandhi My Father” was written. The film depicts the conflict between ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and his eldest son Harilal Gandhi. In this film, Harilal is played by Akshaye Khanna, while Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi are played by Darshan Jariwala and Shefali Shah respectively.

The first question that comes after watching this film is why Akshaye Khanna was not given any respect for the film Gandhi My Father? The story is told from Harilal’s point of view, where he wants to become a barrister like his father, but Mohandas is neither interested nor willing to convince his son. Frustrated and desperate, Harilal Gandhi moves towards destruction and takes the path of alcoholism, gambling, even religious conversion. Now the question is that how Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi abandoned his own duties in the desire to become a Mahatma, it has been displayed very accurately in two dialogues-

the first dialogue is “Just for once, don’t be Gandhi but be a father and listen to your son’s voice!” The second dialogue is “Bapu, I am tired of carrying the burden of your ideal, I want to breathe…”

Destroyed the family behind his desires

It is worth noting that in all the films that have been made on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, somewhere in all of them, either an attempt has been made to prove him like a god or an attempt has been made to show him as a saint, a Mahatma. There are only three films in which only an attempt was made to show Mohandas Gandhi according to his real character. The first of them is “Babasaheb Ambedkar”, in which Mammootty played the lead role and in which Mohan Gokhale played the role of Gandhi. But in that film the focus was less on Gandhi and more on Ambedkar.

The second film was Rajkumar Santoshi’s The Legend of Bhagat Singh, which is still one of the most influential films made on the Indian freedom struggle. In this, the role of Gandhi was played by the famous Surendra Rajan and the signing of the Gandhi-Irwin Pact by ignoring the revolutionaries despite their malice and opportunity, has been portrayed without any twists and turns. But Gandhi My Father stands out because it not only portrays Harilal Gandhi in an unabashed manner but also throws light on how the so-called “Bapu” of the country destroyed his own family in pursuit of his own desires. . Apart from this, the film also shed light on how Gandhi was no less dynastic, just because Harilal Gandhi had to face humiliation for life for not following in his “footprints”.

But truth is not a sweet pill, which everyone will struggle to eat. It was opposed and by none other than the Gandhians. For him it was an “insult to Bapu”, which he was in no mood to tolerate. How this film got released is a wonder in itself but “Gandhi My Father” asked the audience a nagging question and that was what a person who could not belong to his son, his family, could do for the country. Will happen?

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