WFH company imposes Rs 1.5 lakh fine on woman for stealing work, open poll | The company imposed a fine of 2000 dollars on a woman for plagiarism in work from home in Canada


Some people also take wrong advantage of work from home and are negligent in work. One such case came to light from Canada, where a woman Carly Besse was fined by her company accusing her of stealing work.

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A strange case of theft of a woman has come to light in Canada. After this, the company has imposed a fine on the woman. The woman will now have to pay a fine of $ 2000 i.e. about 1.5 lakh rupees. Let me tell you that Carly Besse, a resident of Canada British Columbia She worked as an accountant in a company. One day suddenly the company fired him from the job. At the same time, when the matter progressed, the matter came out openly.

In fact, during the Corona epidemic, a new trend of work started all over the world, which is called work from home. That is, it is allowed to work from home. But some people also take advantage of it and are negligent in work. One such case came to light from Canada, where a woman Carly Besse was fined by her company accusing her of stealing work.

Tracked with software

According to media reports, Carly Besse, who lives in Canada, worked as an accountant in a company in British Columbia. After being suddenly fired from the company, he claimed that he was fired from the job for no reason and also sought a fine. In response, the company said that the woman has shown the time tracked by the tracking software incorrectly. The Reach CPA company told the tribunal that Carly’s login time appeared to be more than 50 hours, but she did not use this time for office work.

Use of software to monitor employees

The company said that they had installed a tracking software (Time Campon Besse) in Carly’s laptop. With the help of which it was found that the work assigned by the company was not being done on time. Explain that most companies are using this software to keep an eye on employees working in remote areas. This software tracks how long a file is opened and how long it has been worked on. It also shows the time to log in and off.

Difference Between Office and Personal Work

The company said that the investigation revealed that there was a difference between Carly’s timesheet and the software log. Carly argued to the tribunal that he found the software difficult and did not differentiate between office work and personal work. On which the company immediately showed that this software automatically tracks all types of work. Like how long you streamed on your laptop, it shows everything.

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Carly Admits Mistake and Apologizes

However, Carly later admitted that he had shown time for files he had not worked on. Carly apologized for this. The judge then rejected Carly’s claim of being wrongly fired and ordered her to return the salary she received from the company. The court has ordered Carly to pay 2,459.89 Canadian dollars i.e. about one and a half lakh rupees.

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