What Disney’s New Alien Movie Must Do To Fix The Franchise


Fede Álvarez is ready to direct the subsequent installment of the Alien franchise, however Disney must take a number of steps to set the collection straight once more. The Alien films are held in excessive regard by followers of sci-fi, horror, and motion alike, with the franchise’s first two installments, Alien and Aliens, standing as revered classics. Unfortunately, the Alien franchise has had its share of stumbles alongside the best way that has made it considerably inconsistent.


The subsequent chapter of the Alien sci-fi film franchise will start with a brand new story helmed by Álvarez, produced by Ridley Scott, and launched on the streaming platform Hulu. Under the course of Álvarez, identified for 2013’s Evil Dead and the Don’t Breathe films, the brand new Alien movie already has appreciable hype, however it should additionally be taught from each the previous successes and errors of the Alien franchise. Here is every part Fede Álvarez’s Alien film can do to revitalize the Alien franchise.

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Fede Álvarez’s Alien Needs A Better Action-Horror Balance

The Alien franchise is understood for its tonal transition from horror in Alien to motion in Aliens, with the latter nonetheless firmly holding onto the sci-fi-horror DNA of its predecessor. The Alien franchise steadily drifted away from the action-horror combo Aliens provided, though Prometheus and Alien: Covenant nonetheless firmly sit within the sci-fi-horror realm. While not an issue per se, it does present that since Aliens, the Alien franchise has strayed from its central id.

Part of Aliens longstanding recognition is how effectively it embodies action-horror. While Alien and Aliens are closely debated over which is the most effective film of the franchise, Aliens arguably being the most effective examples of action-horror exhibits its template is to not be missed. Álvarez’s Alien re-energizing the action-horror really feel of Aliens would make an impressive first step in beginning off the subsequent chapter of the Alien franchise on the fitting foot.

The Human Characters Need To Be Able To Fight Xenomorphs Again

As an off-shoot of Álvarez’s Alien film being an action-horror film, Aliens additionally exemplifies the energy of its human characters. In Aliens, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) returns as a no-nonsense warrior decided to wipe out the Xenomorphs on LV-426, a giant flip round from her and the Nostromo’s crew fleeing the Xenomorph in terror in Alien. Seeing people extra readily stand their floor towards the Xenomorphs has additionally principally been vacant from the following Alien films, which is one thing Álvarez ’s Alien would do effectively to right.

Álvarez doesn’t essentially must deliver the house marines of Aliens again into the equation (though it will not damage), however the message of Aliens remains to be a strong one. Ripley and Newt (Carrie Henn), each laid low with trauma, overcome the monsters which have plagued their lives, with the assistance of some real warriors like Hicks (Michael Biehn) and Vasquez (Jenette Goldstein). The return of the Alien franchise beneath the course of Álvarez may very well be fairly an amazing reminder of human energy towards adversity that Aliens conveys.

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The New Alien Should Circle Back To Prometheus Reveals

alien covenant prometheus ruined

One factor that Álvarez’s Alien film shouldn’t do is make makes an attempt to retcon or in any other case distance itself from Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. On the opposite, each opened a Pandora’s Box of latest questions on humanity’s connection to the Engineers and their willpower to wipe out mankind. Not solely that, however solely new creatures within the Alien franchise corresponding to Protomorphs and Neomorphs had been additionally launched, and so they all deserve additional exploration relatively than being left in stasis or outright deserted.

Michael Fassbender’s efficiency because the android David was additionally some of the broadly praised components of each Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, evolving right into a quietly charming villain by the top of the latter. Even bringing David again in a tangential or supporting function would add some bonus factors to Alvarez’s Alien, hopefully providing some clarification of what occurred after his stealthy last-minute takeover of the Covenant (and facehugger embryos he had on board).

Disney’s Alien Has To Avoid The Bad Decision-Making Of Prometheus’ Scientists

Charlize Theron and Idris Elba watching something on the ship in Prometheus.

Prometheus and Alien: Covenant every even have a selected situation with the scientists within the two movies routinely make choices that put them in grave hazard. Often, these conditions contain characters making bodily contact with alien lifeforms whereas investigating the house jockeys (the tentacle scene in Prometheus being a very notorious instance). This has earned the scientists of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant one thing of a status as among the most reckless and unintelligent scientists in sci-fi films.

Álvarez’s Alien movie will clearly create conditions to imperil its characters, however the viewers must not be put able of berating them for sheer foolishness. The Alien franchise already has the proper technique of doing so just by falling again on the greed of the Weyland-Yutani company and the overconfidence of the house marines of Aliens. Greed and hubris, briefly, are rather more acceptable causes of demise by Xenomorph than stupidity.

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Disney Must Add New Alien Elements

The subsequent Alien can do providing nothing however Xenomorphs decimating people one-by-one could be a grave mistake. Even the much less beloved Alien films all supply one thing new within the Alien mythos, corresponding to Alien 3’s quadrupedal Xenomorph or the Predalien of Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. Álvarez’s Alien film ideally ought to go so far as attainable and add some actual franchise-changing components.

One of the higher such concepts may very well be reviving Renny Harlin’s unrealized idea for Alien 3 of visiting the Xenomorph’s residence world and delving into their origins. Indeed, fairly a number of early concepts for Alien 3 may work effectively for Álvarez’s Alien, together with the full-scale conflict of people and Xenomorphs that Alien 3 was at one level supposed to set in movement. That might additionally present the total spectrum of lifeforms associated to the Xenomorphs. Protomorphs and Neomorphs absolutely solely scratch the floor, and Alvarez’s Alien film might do one thing very new for the Alien franchise with a have a look at how various Xenomorph-type alien lifeforms actually are.

The Alien franchise could be very unlikely to be on its final legs, however in operating for so long as it has, there are certain to be areas the place it may well enhance. Hulu’s personal 2022 Predator film Prey confirmed how one can significantly re-energize a sci-fi-horror collection. Fede Álvarez’s Alien can do the identical with an analogous strategy of going again to what made the Alien franchise catch on.

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