What Is Dried Kelp Used for in Minecraft?

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While touring throughout the ocean and spot a greenery tallgrass rising below the ocean ground. You choose it up and produce it residence with you.

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Out of curiosity, you smelt that tallgrass within the furnace and obtain a burnt leaf that’s Dried Kelp! In this text, we’ll present you what that Dried Kelp is used for in Minecraft!

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Dried Kelp is used for crafting and composting and serves as a snack meals merchandise in Minecraft. With the attribute of being fast-growing and straightforward to farm, Dried Kelp is tremendous helpful in each early and late video games.

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Let’s see the right way to use Dried Kelp!

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What Is Dried Kelp Used For?

Dried Kelp has 3 predominant usages and one hidden use.

Serve as Food

Dried Kelp could be obtained by smelting kelp within the furnaces.

Each kelp merchandise will provide you with 1 Dried Kelp, so it’s fairly simple to get a considerable amount of Dried Kelp this fashion.

When eaten, Dried Kelp restores 1 starvation and 0.2-0.6 saturation factors on Java and Bedrock Edition, respectively.

To totally get better your starvation bar, it is advisable to eat 20 Dried Kelps.

Even although the time required to eat Dried Kelp is already lowered by half (0.4325 seconds), it’s nonetheless fairly time-consuming to eat Dried Kelp in comparison with different meals in Minecraft.


Dried Kelp can be utilized to craft a Dried Kelp block, which is a superb block for each constructing and smelting functions.

To craft a Dried Kelp block, you will have a crafting desk. Then right-click on it and put 9 Dried Kelp inside to craft 1 Dried Kelp block.

With this new block, you should use it as gasoline within the furnaces, craft it again to 9 Dried Kelps, composting, and buying and selling with villagers for an emerald.


You can put Dried Kelp within the composter to create a bone meal.

Each Dried Kelp has a 30% probability of making 1 layer within the composter. This means you will have round 23 Dried Kelps to utterly replenish 7 layers of the composter.

This is probably not a great way to make use of Dried Kelp in Minecraft since there are lots of higher gadgets to make use of for composting.

Complete an Achievement

A balanced food plan is without doubt one of the nice achievements in Minecraft that require you to eat each single edible merchandise within the sport, which embrace Dried Kelp.

So, make certain to test the checklist and see if you happen to nonetheless miss something.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cook dinner with Dried Kelp Minecraft?

No, you possibly can’t cook dinner with Dried Kelp. But you possibly can craft them into Dried Kelp blocks and use the block as gasoline within the furnaces. Dried kelp block burn for 200 seconds, which may cook dinner 80 gadgets in a single go. This is 10 occasions higher than coal.

How do you utilize Dried Kelp?

To eat Dried Kelp, it is advisable to place it in any scorching bar or offhand and maintain the right-click mouse button to eat it. For crafting, you progress the Dried Kelp right into a crafting desk similar to crafting different gadgets. Or, if you wish to put it in a composter, maintain Dried Kelp, have a look at the composter, and right-click once more.

What occurs while you eat Dried Kelp in Minecraft?

Nothing unhealthy will occur while you eat Dried Kelp in Minecraft. Instead, it’s going to replenish your starvation and saturation bar.

That’s what Dried Kelp is used for in Minecraft!

Next time you’re below oceans, make certain to collect some contemporary inexperienced kelp on the ocean ground for additional meals and gasoline.


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