What Mass Effect 4 Can Learn From The Trilogy’s Best DLC


Mass Effect 4 appears more likely to proceed Commander Shepard’s journey, however even when it does not, it could be taught from the well-received Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3. Trailers for the following Mass Effect have proven the return of acquainted faces, corresponding to Liara, and raises questions concerning the fates of different characters from the unique trilogy. As Bioware seems on the collection’ future – and probably a brand new trilogy – it ought to contemplate the points of Citadel that made it the collection’ finest DLC.


[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mass Effect.]

Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC has a mixture of significant and lighthearted moments that may make it a memorable journey in the course of a dreary scenario with the Reapers attacking the Milky Way. By persevering with after Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 4 will want a canon ending from the a number of choices gamers had when ending Shepard’s battle with the Reapers. Despite the combined reception that Mass Effect 3 obtained from gamers, each the principle sport and its DLC can pave the way in which for Mass Effect 4.

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Mass Effect 4 Needs More Moments Spent With Crew Members

Image of Commander Shepard wearing her N7 armor. She is pictured waiting in the Citadel elevator with squadmates Tali and Garrus.

Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC let gamers have day without work for shore depart, they usually obtained to spend time with crew members individually after taking good care of a problem with a clone of Shepard. The risk of not everyone making it via the ultimate pushback towards the Reapers looms closely all through the DLC, however it could make for a superb instance of the journey of the sport being extra vital than its ending. Spending time with Mass Effect’s Normandy crew made for a memorable DLC, and Mass Effect 4 ought to give gamers extra time with crew members because of this.

Shore Leave Gives Mass Effect Players A Rest From Priority Missions

Shepard and Tali in Mass Effect 2 lying on a bed cuddling

It might be miserable when a sport is stuffed with missions that make gamers struggle towards the chances, and content material like that within the Citadel DLC not solely permits gamers a break however offers builders a possibility for extra world-building. For some gamers, the crew is the spotlight of Mass Effect no matter whether or not it has returning characters or a brand new set. Shore depart missions might be non-compulsory in Mass Effect 4 and provides gamers an opportunity to discover relationships with NPCs and go to extra areas of cities just like the Citadel.

There are loads of questions from trailers that can want solutions, like how the Geth survived in Mass Effect 4 and what occurred to Commander Shepard. Bioware may be taking an opportunity by returning to the Milky Way with out together with a big time skip, but it surely might repay relying on what it discovered from participant suggestions with Mass Effect 3. The Citadel DLC received the hearts of many gamers, and Bioware may need to hold the very best DLC of the trilogy in thoughts when creating Mass Effect 4.

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