What will happen to golf in Australia now that Cameron Smith has joined the breakaway LIV league?


What will happen to golf in Australia now that Cameron Smith has joined the breakaway LIV league?

Cameron Smith is currently ranked as the second-best player in the world after a two-year spell on the PGA Tour that has produced a level of consistency rarely seen before in the professional men’s game. Indeed, Smith’s barnstorming form recently culminated in him winning the Open Championship at St Andrews during the 150th edition of the iconic major. It was, undoubtedly, a dream come true for the Aussie to hoist aloft the Claret Jug at the ‘Home of Golf’ after the backbreaking work that he has carried out in order to win his maiden major title.

The 29-year-old’s journey on the PGA Tour, however, is set to come to a grinding halt in September 2022 after he agreed to join the breakaway LIV Golf Series. As the rules imply, any decision to join the rebel league automatically comes with a suspension from the PGA Tour which means that Australia’s trail-blazing wonderkid will no longer play on the world’s best tour. This news will certainly come as a hammer blow to the Australian sports-mad public.

This ban does not, however, cover majors as they are independently run which means that Smith will still be able to utilize his five-year exemption to the slams courtesy of winning the Open Championship in July. This clause will provide a silver lining for Australian sports fans who can, among other things, now still bet on the world number 2 to win majors as he will be eligible to compete. In fact, fans can visit Openchange.org to find a list of the best bookmakers in Australia in 2022 as the countdown to the 2023 Masters gets underway. All of the top 10 listed sites offer sports betting for golf and currently, Smith is one of the favorites to win the green jacket at odds of 12/1.

Should the Queenslander do so then it will mean that he would have won back-to-back majors, which will be a first for any Australian. With stats like this in mind, you can get a better appreciation of how the world is at Smith’s feet but at the same time, this is likely to change now that the Aussie is set to bid the PGA Tour goodbye, as the Dailymail.co.uk reports.

From here on in, coverage of Smith will be extremely limited with none of the world’s major sports broadcasters having agreed a deal to cover the LIV Golf Series. In reality, the only way to keep up to date with the rebel league’s events is by watching on YouTube or Facebook, as Livgolf.com outlines here. Admittedly, the live YouTube and Facebook streams do suffer from teething issues as you would imagine a new media venture would, but this still represents a problem for the new Saudi-backed tour as golf is a lengthier watch than most other sports. At least, a round can take up to five hours which means that fans expect a slick production, should it be filled with glitches and pauses then the public are likely to be put off.

You can, all of a sudden, see how interest in golf in Australia might suffer now that the country’s best player is, for all intents and purposes, unable to be watched live anymore.

Indeed, Australia’s golfing ambassador is set to go to ground despite being in the prime of his career and the public are now likely to cool their interest in the sport.


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