Why Breaking Bad’s Twins Barely Talk (And Why It Doesn’t Work)


The twin Salamanca cousins in Breaking Bad are a serious a part of season 3, however the motive for his or her near-silence explains why Vince Gilligan’s artistic selection didn’t repay. Leonel and Marco Salamanca first seem in Breaking Bad, and they later make appearances in its prequel sequence, Better Call Saul. The hitmen twins are suspiciously silent all through their appearances, solely ever talking a number of sentences in Breaking Bad, together with their look as kids in a flashback. However, it’s this silence that stops the characters from working as compelling antagonists.


Leonel and Marco are launched after the dying of their cousin, Tuco Salamanca, by the hands of DEA Agent Hank Schrader. However, their sights are first set on Heisenberg (Walter White), the person who betrayed their cousin. After Gustavo Fring prohibits Walter’s dying till he has completed cooking meth for him, the cousins flip their consideration to Hank. During their lengthy pilgrimage throughout the border from Mexico, they seldom converse, regardless of committing many murders and robberies alongside the best way. Eventually, after Hank is secretly warned by Gus Fring about their intentions, Marco is shot within the head, and Leonel’s legs are severed after Hank rams his automotive into him. Leonel finally sees Walter by means of his hospital window and makes an attempt to crawl in the direction of him, nonetheless by no means talking. He is finally killed with a deadly injection by Mike Ehrmantraut on the orders of Gus.

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The Salamanca cousins do not converse on account of Breaking Bad positioning them as a terrifying power of nature, however this, sadly, doesn’t work. Throughout season 3, the viewers is slowly given details about how the brothers are attending to New Mexico, and the way they discover out about Walter White and Hank Schrader. Their appearances are introduced as foreboding, with tense, ambient music accompanying them in each scene. Their silence is an extension of this stress, as even when speaking to Gus, Mike, and the opposite members of the meth enterprise, they nearly by no means converse. In this regard, they’re meant to be seen as unstoppable killers just like the Terminator or Halloween‘s Michael Myers. The cousins are exaggerated characters, with their tightly-fitted sharkskin fits and cowboy boots tipped with silver skulls. They are caricatures of drug hitmen, and subsequently stand in distinction to the extra sensible and fleshed-out forged of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Why The Twins Not Talking Doesn’t Work In Breaking Bad

Characters like Gus Fring and Hector Salamanca are terrifying as a result of they appear so actual. They are well-developed and don’t depend on foolish stereotypes that affiliate silence with intimidation. The Salamanca cousins subsequently do not work on the earth of Breaking Bad, as they appear too cartoonish to realistically inhabit it.

In-universe, the cousins are proven to have been emotionally scarred by an encounter with their Uncle, Hector Salamanca, who almost drowns Marco to show them the lesson that household is every thing. This brutal introduction and their use as hitmen by the Cartel might clarify their lack of speaking, each as a instrument for intimidation and as a solution to keep away from being bugged by the police or the DEA. Unfortunately, the Salamanca twins really feel unrealistic even with this backstory when in comparison with the cruel world of Breaking Bad, and consequently, they find yourself feeling misplaced.

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