Why do toes swell in winter, know the causes and remedies


Winter brings with it something new. Such as swelling, redness and pain in the toes. This problem usually occurs in winter. But the reason behind this is that in cold weather, the tiny blood cells present near the surface of the skin begin to shrink, due to which the fingers swell. Not only that, it causes pain, redness, swelling and sometimes bleeding from the fingers in some people. If you are also suffering from this problem, then definitely read this article and know the ways to get rid of this problem.

Why do toes swell in winter, know the causes and remedies

Do leg exercises – If your fingers also get swollen during winter season, then keep exercising your fingers from time to time. This will keep the fingers warm and blood circulation will also reach the fingers properly. Due to which swelling will not come.

Massage with oil If your toes are swollen, massage your feet well with warm mustard oil. It will not swell the fingers and will keep the fingers warm.

Make hot water You can soak your feet in warm water to remove the swelling of the toes. For this, take hot water in a bucket and keep your feet and hands in it for a while. The swelling will go down in no time.

Do finger exercises In winter, try to keep exercising your fingers. It will not swell the fingers and blood circulation will also be good.

Do not touch cold water Try not to get into cold water if your fingers are swollen. Because doing so can cause you more problems.

Disclaimer: This content, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more details. Sportskida Hindi does not accept responsibility for this information.

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