Wife Tells Photographers They Are ‘Working It Out’


Ned Fulmer and his wife Ariel Fulmer are still together, despite the cheating scandal that unfolded earlier this week.

The 35-year-old content creator and former producer of the YouTube group, The Try Guys was outed as cheating, and later confirming the rumour to be true in a statement that read, “Family should have always been my priority, but I lose focus and had a consensual workplace relationship. I’m sorry for any pain that my actions may have caused to the guys and the fans but most of all to Ariel. The only thing that matters right now is my marriage and my children, and that’s where I am going to focus my attention.”

The couple have two children, sons Wesley aged 4 and Finley aged 1.

In a statement from The Try Guys, they said, “Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys. As a result of a thorough internal review, we do not see a path forward together. We thank you for your support as we navigate this change.”

It would seem the pair are trying to rekindle their relationship though after they were spotted walking together in Los Angeles as they smiled at photographers before Ariel answered a vital question about whether they are “working it out,” to which she replied, “we are working on working it out,”

Watch the video here.

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