Witcher 3: 10 Memes That Sum Up Geralt As A Character

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has lately obtained news about an upcoming remastering, which goals to rejoice the online game’s seventh anniversary. Fans are getting excited over again to play as The Witcher’s iconic protagonist, Geralt of Rivia.

While Geralt is clearly managed by whoever is taking part in the sport, there are many reduce scenes and bits of dialogue that outline the Witcher as a novel character of his personal, together with how he acts in gameplay. These are a few of the greatest memes that illustrate the distinctive persona of the beloved White Wolf in Wild Hunt.


10 Falling

In The Witcher 3, Geralt is seen formidable opponent with endless energy. Players can use Geralt to battle essentially the most harmful monsters within the land, and find yourself unscathed sufficient to proceed their journey comparatively unhurt.

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Unfortunately, the Witcher’s energy doesn’t appear to increase to fall harm. It is all too typically within the recreation that gamers discover Geralt extra simply damage from a fall than a battle with a harmful creature.

9 Terrified Of Portals

Though Geralt’s job is to slay essentially the most terrifying monsters, portals are by far scarier to him than the scary creatures he offers with in The Witcher. This aversion is made obvious by the various feedback he makes when encountering these magic sources within the recreation.

It’s ironic that the Witcher could be a fearless fighter, however is made uncomfortable by one thing as benign as a portal. Unfortunately for him, they’re discovered semi-frequently within the recreation as means for fast journey.

8 Gwent


Geralt’s most important mission in The Witcher is to search out his surrogate daughter Ciri, which is a noble quest that’s thought of top-of-the-line storylines in gaming. While in actuality, this might be a critical activity pressed for time, there are many alternatives to slack off earlier than discovering Ciri within the online game.

Despite being stuffed with journey, battles, and quests, some of the favored features of The Witcher 3 is the cardboard recreation Gwent. There’s at all times time to play Gwent within the recreation, regardless of any mission or facet quest that Geralt is anxious to finish.

7 Encountering Enemies

While it is pretty frequent for Witcher characters to make use of extra expletive phrases, Geralt appears to be fond of 1 explicit phrase within the recreation. His phrase “damn, you ugly” could seem gentle compared with the vary of curse phrases he might use, however is not any much less insulting.

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Geralt’s token phrase is a standard piece of dialogue that he makes use of when combating monsters in fight. This appears to be an all-encompassing insult for not simply Waterhags, because the meme mentions, however to numerous different monsters within the recreation.

6 Reward

Geralt is among the final Witchers left, and typically he’s the one one becoming sufficient to kill particular monsters that threaten frequent individuals. Despite this, he nonetheless typically finds himself arguing with becoming costs for his life-saving job.

As the meme implies, Geralt’s occupation has presumably impressed some real-life people to take cost for monster killing. Although, real-life monsters may appear a bit much less harmful by comparability to the Witcher’s enemies.

5 Not An Extrovert


For a person whose occupation is to dwell a solitary life slaying monsters, Geralt actually has a knack for getting concerned in varied public settings. While he clearly prefers speaking to shut companions like Dandelion and Yennefer, he’s always dragged into gatherings.

This has been the case for Geralt in lots of different types of Witcher media, particularly within the unique books. Unfortunately, his involvement with Ciri pushes Geralt to be concerned in political affairs apart from simply social gatherings.

4 Missing Yennefer

There’s loads of debate over which love curiosity to decide on in The Witcher 3: Yennefer of Vengerberg or Triss Merigold. While there’s an equal possibility within the recreation, Yennefer does benefit from being tied to the Witcher by destiny.

While Triss is well-liked for her caring persona and fairy-tale side-quest “Now or Never,” Yennefer is commonly chosen due to her maturity, wit, and canon romance with Geralt outdoors the video games. Choosing Yennefer additionally supplies some fascinating cut-scenes, which intrigue each Geralt and gamers alike.

3 Candles

While taking part in as Geralt in Wild Hunt will be very rewarding, there are some features of gameplay that show to be a bit extra irritating. One of those challenges typically happens when looting a chest.

Candles are sometimes in proximity to chests within the online game, and a participant can simply discover themselves lighting a candle once they supposed to loot. While that is solely a gameplay situation, it actually makes it appear like Geralt has a ardour for lighting candles from the participant’s perspective.

2 Geralt The Mutant


Aside from ridding cities of monsters, Geralt does quite a bit for his neighborhood by serving to abnormal individuals. Many accredit the White Wolf as a hero, since he typically makes use of his inhuman energy for the nice of others.

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Unfortunately, it would not appear to matter what number of lives Geralt saves within the Witcher 3 cities, as individuals nonetheless find yourself calling him a mutant. Thankfully, the Witcher has developed some thick pores and skin over his hundred or so years of dwelling.

1 Looting

Geralt would possibly spend a number of his time saving others in The Witcher 3, however he actually would not miss the prospect to rob a home when the chance presents itself.

While Geralt as a personality is understood to make ethical choices, Wild Hunt supplies gamers with many alternatives to behave in methods the Witcher may not on his personal. This affect of participant alternative makes Geralt a bit extra morally gray within the video games than in different types of media.

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