Women must watch Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Untouchables’ web series, know on which OTT platform it is available


OTT Web Series: These days viewers prefer to watch web series and movies on OTT platform sitting at home more than theatres. But some web series and movies remain such that they cannot be seen. We are going to tell about one such web series, if you have not seen it then you must watch it. Vikram Bhatt’s web series ‘Untouchables’ is worth watching for women. This is a series based on true events, in which Vikram Bhatt himself has also acted. This can be seen on Jio Cinema.

The web series Untouchables, a courtroom drama, is inspired by true events. Its story is based on a girl, whose character is played by Sreejita Dey. The character’s name is Natasha and she is a medical student. Due to compulsion, she falls into prostitution. Meanwhile, he is implicated in the murder case of a rich man.

Vikram Bhatt is a lawyer in this web series named as Akash Awasthi. He comes to the rescue of Natasha. The person who was murdered is one of the rich men of the city and his family wants to implicate Natasha in this case and get her punished at any cost.

This web series is based on the real life of an American writer and activist named Amanda Knox, who was imprisoned for four years after a wrongful conviction. Krishna Bhatt, daughter of Vikram, has directed this web series. This web series has 10 episodes of 20 to 25 minutes, in which the struggle of Natasha and Akash is shown.

This story gives a lesson to many women how to handle themselves in this society and how to avoid wrong people. Have the understanding to take right or wrong decisions when bad times come. In this story she falls into prostitution to save her brother and on the other hand she also loves a doctor. Who promises her marriage, but leaves her when bad times come.

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