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Over the years, all the tools that have been optimized for WordPress have given him an advantage over his competitors. Always remember that you need to add plugins to your site to be the best. All you need to do is use it as well as possible.

However, many businesses and bloggers are not aware of the benefits they offer. So, look at the unique way to create how WordPress plugins provide more benefits than other blogger sites that provide plugins.

1. Direct chat plugin

You have the advantage over your competitors when you use WordPress specially to sell your business. The WordPress Live Chat plugin allows you to be directly involved with customers to answer their questions and discuss problems. They will definitely enjoy talking to real people and entering this into your customer service is an effective way to build lasting relationships with them. This is where WordPress works for your benefit.

And there is no better way to communicate than to have it in real-time. Distance is no longer a problem because you can communicate as if you are talking or chatting with that person personally. Direct chat is the best way to bridge the gap caused by time and distance differences.

Entrepreneurs can start posting it on their website and involved in conversations with visitors and their customers. Instead of calling them through telephone numbers for hours, and without anyone taking, they can avoid customers who are upset waiting to be answered. Like email, email can be left unanswered for days and sometimes accidentally deleted. And one question that might turn into sales can disappear in an eye.

However, direct monitoring of chat can eliminate the problem of delay. After the customer starts the chat, you can start a real conversation with that person using your personal words. You can answer all his questions according to how he wants the conversation to flow. When you are involved in valuable conversations with clients, relationships develop, and conversion is near.

Satisfied web visitors can become potential clients. In addition, clients want competent products and impressive customer service. The fact that you can be contacted at any time means they can contact you immediately if he faces problems with your product or service. Transparency is very important and most of the time, clients will choose companies that are more easily approached and customer friendly than companies that do not find ways to connect and be involved with their clients.

2. Create an email and order form easier

Although WordPress directly competes with bloggers, widget functionality makes it the winner of them. In fact, even if you are not a technical person, the WordPress plugin allows you to create a form and email order. This can benefit small and low-tech businesses where their customers want to find easy ways to share their information.

3. Social Media Sharing Button

You can create a social media button to allow your reader to share your content using the WordPress plugin format that is easy to install. This is good because the idea behind websites and blogs is about sharing information and marketing products. Because social media is the basis for online marketing, you need to enter an easily accessible share button to expand your audience. WordPress ensures that this is available through various plugins and widgets. You can try the share button below.

4. Security

Making the WordPress plugin has made it possible to have access to some of the best security features. The thought behind the data and security technology for many years finally developed into several great plugins. This protects your information, as well as your customer information, to create a safe online experience.

5. Effective SEO Tools

Without hesitation, WordPress comes with the largest number of SEO plugins that can be accessed. This gives you a unique advantage because of various effective and comprehensive plugins that you can choose from. SEO is one of the most important marketing tools that must be used by websites or blogs. If you want to attract more viewers to your site, your site must be equipped with SEO plugins so Google can see you on other sites.

How to install widgets on WordPress

The way how to embed a widget in wordpress is very easy. Please drag or drag the widget of your choice to the side blades. Still confused? Please follow the step-by-step guide below.

Make sure you can enter WordPress. To enter WordPress, open the domain name/WP-ADMIN in the web browser. Then enter the username and password.

After entering the WordPress dashboard, select the Appearance menu then select the widget. Then the widget page will open. Then see some widgets you can choose.

How to install a widget on WordPress is quite easy, isn’t it, you can add widgets as you wish. Widgets and plugins are one of the advantages of WordPress.

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