X-Men’s Darkest Future Redefines an Original Member’s Codename


The unique 5 members of the X-Men are a number of the most iconic superheroes to be launched within the pages of Marvel Comics, however in an particularly darkish future inside an alternate timeline, one in all their codenames is totally redefined in essentially the most sinister method conceivable.

The X-Men have been launched in X-Men #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as a workforce of younger mutants who have been being taught use their powers by Professor Charles Xavier. Not solely that, however Xavier was coaching them to be a mutant strike-force/superhero workforce dubbed the X-Men whose mission it might be to guard the harmless from malicious mutants (amongst different threats) and show to the world that mutants aren’t to be feared. While the lineup and focus of the X-Men have modified through the years, this was the workforce’s unique mission–and the mutants who have been first tasked with carrying it out have been: Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Iceman, and Beast.


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In Factor X #1 by John Francis Moore and Steve Epting, readers enter the Age of Apocalypse, and this difficulty permits them to see the ultra-violent world from the villains’ perspective–particularly, from that of Cyclops. While Cyclops was initially the courageous and valiant chief of the X-Men, he’s a sick and twisted villain within the Age of Apocalypse as he’s Apocalypse’s primary enforcer of mutant seize and containment–and the mutants who’re contained are topic to compelled breeding and merciless experimentation. Cyclops even held Jean Grey–somebody he beloved within the 616 timeline–in Apocalypse’s breeding pins, which is proof sufficient of how evil this alternate model of character actually is. However, Cyclops isn’t the unique member whose codename was redefined by his newly-acquired evil nature as that honor goes to none aside from Beast.

Beast’s Age of Apocalypse Codename Defines His Cruelty, Not His Mutation

Beast's Age of Apocalypse codename explained.

In the unique timeline of Earth-616, Hank McCoy is given the codename Beast due to his distinctive mutation and (ultimately) due to his bodily look. In the Age of Apocalypse actuality, nevertheless, McCoy is simply referred to as Beast by the prisoners he experiments on in his laboratory as his apathetic cruelty might solely be in comparison with the Beast of biblical legend. Throughout his time working for Apocalypse, Beast has created the Infinites–that are Frankenstein-like amalgamations of lifeless mutants merged into half-life foot troopers–and has additionally taken pleasure within the torture of his fellow mutants for the sake of many different scientific endeavors. Essentially, the nickname ‘Beast’ could also be too type of a descriptor, even whether it is in reference to the last word evil within the universe.

While the codename positively nonetheless suits for the unique motive, as Beast nonetheless has the identical look and powers because the Earth-616 model, the origin of that moniker on this darkish future is totally totally different and completely redefines this X-Men member’s iconic codename endlessly.

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