X-Men’s Strongest Mutant Wouldn’t Survive a Marvel/Alien Crossover


The X-Men don’t have any scarcity of highly effective mutants who wouldn’t break a sweat in the event that they have been by some means pitted in opposition to the Xenomorphs from Alien, although there may be one mutant of their ranks (who could bodily be the strongest) that wouldn’t survive that exact crossover–and X-Men’s darkest period proves it.

When Marvel Comics acquired the rights to publish Alien comics, the writer launched a lot of variant covers depicting Marvel’s hardest heroes and villains going toe-to-toe with Xenomorphs. While these photos weren’t meant to be taken actually and have been merely a celebration of Alien’s new period beneath the Marvel banner, it did pique the pursuits of followers who wouldn’t thoughts seeing a reputable crossover–particularly provided that DC already had Alien crossovers a few years in the past. Back when Alien was nonetheless being printed by Dark Horse Comics, Dark Horse and DC did a couple of crossover storylines that featured the likes of Superman and Batman battling Xenomorphs–they usually have been an enormous hit with followers. So, with Alien being printed by Marvel Comics, Marvel may do a crossover with out having to work with one other writer, and Marvel can be going into it with the data that followers need Xenomorph/superhero crossovers. With this, plus the tease of these preliminary Marvel/Alien variant covers, it appears as if it is just a matter of time earlier than the X-Men are going to battle Xenomorphs on-panel–and that can be very unlucky for a minimum of considered one of them.


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In Generation Next #1 by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo, a brand new wave of X-Men recruits are coaching with Colossus and Shadowcat who’re appearing additional violent with them in an effort to arrange these new mutants for the cruelty of this world. This comedian takes place throughout the Age of Apocalypse timeline, so those that select to be X-Men are much less of mutant superheroes and extra of freedom-fighting warriors who will greater than doubtless die on any mission they go on. Because of this grim truth, their coaching should be extremely intense, verging on merciless–although the trainees are simply as ready for these brutal matches because the trainers themselves. For instance, one of many new mutants named Paige Guthrie blasts Colossus with a twig of acid, and Colossus screams out in agony solely to be saved by the intervention of Shadowcat–implying that the acid was sufficient to take him down.

Colossus has a Weakness to Acid & Wouldn’t Stand a Chance Against Xenomorphs

Colossus being sprayed with acid.

As Alien followers are properly conscious of, Xenomorphs have acid for blood which acts because the Xenomorphs’ excellent protection mechanism in opposition to predators. Colossus’ mutant energy is the flexibility to cowl his total physique in steel on command, which makes him invulnerable to assault in most conditions. However, when he was sprayed with acid on this subject of Generation Next, he was coated in his techno-organic steel and nonetheless felt the sting of the acid–a ache that was sturdy sufficient to utterly take him out of the struggle, main one to conclude that if he stored getting sprayed with the acid, he would have ultimately been killed.

So, regardless that Colossus is well sturdy sufficient to crush a whole horde of Xenomorphs single-handedly, his weak spot to acid (as established on this comedian) implies that he’d be taken out by Alien’s iconic monsters fairly shortly–proving that Colossus, who is probably the strongest X-Men member, wouldn’t survive the seemingly inevitable Marvel/Alien crossover.

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