You Can Now Play Doom In Notepad, Obviously


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Doom, significantly the primary sport launched in 1993, is everlasting. Nearly 30 years after its launch, individuals are nonetheless discovering new methods to make what was outdated new once more, with Doom operating on Notepad being considered one of them. Yeah, you heard me proper: Doom Notepad is the 1993 traditional FPS operating in Notepad. There’s even footage of it, too, so it isn’t some screenshot meme that all of us smirk at earlier than occurring with our boring non-Doom Notepad lives.

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Created by Sam Chiet, it’s vital to notice that the footage just isn’t sped up, the Notepad program code isn’t modified, and Doom is totally playable and interactive inside the app. It’s additionally apparently going to be shared with the world soonso we’ll finally have the ability to play it on our Notepad packages for a minute to see if it’s actual.

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Chiet can also be engaged on resurrecting Kinect for some sort of unholy ritual or one thing equally heretical. I don’t thoughts admitting that a part of me hopes the ritual fails.

It’s arduous to make out what’s occurring right here, however, properly, it’s Doom operating in Notepad. Credit to Sam Chiet.

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In the previous there’s been loads of memes of Doom operating on absolutely anything, with some of the spectacular examples being a calculator powered by old potatoes, That’s very good and all, however Doom operating on Notepad may very properly prime it for its sheer brilliance. After all, what else are you going to make use of Notepad for? Taking notes? Don’t be absurd.

If this text has you wanting to take a look at another cool Doom-related initiatives, there’s Bloom, which is Blood and Doom mixed into one mod. Another cool mod can be the fan-made Wolfenstein 3D sequel Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony for Doom II, which is likely one of the most spectacular modifications for any sport ever. Even if in case you have little interest in it, it’s best to test it out so that you might be amazed at how far the Doom II engine can go.

Want to see Doom Notepad in motion? Check out the gameplay footage under!

For extra data on Doom Notepad and different wacky modding initiatives, keep tuned to TechRaptor.


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