Young Justice Phantoms Finale Ending Explained

At Conner and Megan’s marriage ceremony, the socializing and chitchat revealed Black Canary’s plan. She says that if the heroes are going to assist their colleagues (like Beast Boy) with their trauma, “we need more than the multi purpose room at the rec center. We need a Sanctuary.”

Heroes in Crisis was a 2018 comedian by Tom King and Clay Mann concerning the common trauma of superheroing, and the way it was okay to get assist, that your trauma wouldn’t outline you and you can ultimately transfer previous it. And whereas Superman gave that speech to the world, Wally West was unintentionally killing everybody at Sanctuary, the key therapy middle for superpeople with psychological well being points, as a result of he remembered his household from earlier than the massive New 52 continuity reboot and…it’s simply actual dangerous. Tom King is a terrific author and Clay Mann’s art work is spectacular, however this one wanted extra time within the oven.

Based on how a lot of Beast Boy’s story this season didn’t work, I’m hoping they let this one prepare dinner for an additional couple of seasons. But I’m not optimistic.


The credit had their typical run of background gags, however you’ll want to stick round all over this episode, as a result of there’s a post-credits scene and what it exhibits us is unbelievably daring, in that it signifies that Young Justice shall be making an attempt to adapt not one, however two of the worst DC comedian tales ever made subsequent season. 

The Light, Vandal Savage’s group of supervillains, makes use of Klarion on the finish of the episode to teleport Warworld into the Phantom Zone and snap up each Kryptonian, storing them in suspended animation. Savage and the Ultra Humanite talk about how little they wanted to pay Darkseid for that privilege – one Kryptonian, and Ma’alefa’ak, in trade for a military of their very own, to be launched once they want it. 

That Kryptonian they paid seems to be Kara Zor El: Supergirl. She, together with Mary Marvel, is launched as the brand new Female Furies on Apokolips within the post-credits scene. We’ve already coated how atrocious the supply materials is for Mary’s story, however the foundation for the Supergirl story is sort of as dangerous: the second arc of a fully dreadful Superman/Batman collection from 2004. Jeph Loeb, who had not but graduated to being racist on the set of Marvel TV, paired with Michael Turner, by all accounts a stunning man who drew each lady to appear to be a dehydrated balloon animal, to make a narrative about Darkseid making an attempt to seize the new-to-Earth Supergirl and switch her into one in every of his Furies. This story was then tailored into arguably the worst DC animated characteristic, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

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